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Ridgewood News Runs AirBnB Story Featuring Ridgewood Property


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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood ran a story , “The Ridgewood News, 7 Sep 2018, 9 ”  and the article references an Airbnb rental in Ridgewood that is available for $1000 a night. Doesn’t the village still have an ordinance that bans short term rentals?

Ridgewood Bans “Short Term Rentals “

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood News Runs AirBnB Story Featuring Ridgewood Property

  1. Amazing how some people just thumb their noses at the law. I hope they get arrested. $1000 a day. Gimme a break

  2. If the village did have an ordinance they wouldn’t enforce it. They only enforce the easy leaf and water violations. Anything that takes investigating or a little work they don’t give a sh**. As long as it isn’t in their neighborhood. Look at the healthbarn disaster!!

  3. Quick search on the airbnb site shows at least 7 listings. Most are $65-$70 per night.

  4. Liberals, illegal aliens and asshats only have to follow the laws that they agree with… didn’t you know that?

  5. Only subscribers can see the article. If someone would plunk it into a comment, that would be helpful.

  6. Clear your cache and history and you’ll be able to view the article.

  7. I would be so ticked off if my next door neighbor was running a hotel with people coming and going.

  8. Someone asked for the whole article. I will try to paste it here:

    You’ve got to see these North Jersey Airbnbs

    Christopher Maag

    North Jersey Record USA TODAY NETWORK – NEW JERSEY

    We associate Airbnb with distant travel. But why not use the popular site to find a cool place to stay right here in North Jersey? Maybe you want a romantic getaway. Maybe you need an escape from a big home remodeling project, or just a change of scenery.

    Whatever the reason, Airbnbs are booming in New Jersey.

    This summer the company expects 324,000 people will use its website to rent homes in the Garden State for at least one night, up 63 percent from last summer. They’ll be staying with 6,600 hosts, who collectively will make $63.2 million this summer, up from $39.3 million over the same period last year, according to estimates from Airbnb.

    Many of those places are run-of-themill, offering a cheap spare bedroom with a bed, a desk and easy bus access to New York.

    And then there are the gems.

    Cottages in the woods. Lakefront homes decorated with Mid-century Modern furnishings. Former factories converted into stylish lofts. Here are 10 of the best.

    The lakefront cabin: West Milford

    North Jersey is home to lots of beautiful lakes, and thousands of lake homes. This one is special. Not only is it right on the shore of Greenwood Lake in West Milford, it also eschews the typical cloistered feel of a lakefront cabin in favor of clean, modern design. It boasts big picture windows, a big open kitchen and a big deck over the water with a gas grill and a hot tub.

    “The whole property is beautifully designed, very comfortable and wellappointed, and the location is exactly what we had hoped for: secluded, quiet and the lake view is simply stunning,” according to a review by one recent guest.

    The ‘glamping’ tent: West Milford

    A tent? Who would spend $93 for a night in someone else’s backyard, IN A TENT?

    Lots of people, apparently.

    “We’ve been booked up almost every weekend since we put it up” in March, said Melissa Ricapito, 41, whose backyard Airbnb retreat in West Milford also includes a koi pond, hot tub, drink shack and fire pit.

    The tent has hosted people from around the country, and from as far away as Australia. Guests have included hikers, people from Brooklyn and Manhattan looking for a break from the city, and campers hoping to introduce their young children to the outdoors.

    “We didn’t think we’d get any interest. Because who would want to stay in somebody’s backyard?” Ricapito said. “Now we’ve made friends from all over the world.”

    The luxury 5 bedroom: Franklin Lakes

    If you have big plans for a weekend, you’re going to need a really big house. And this mansion-sized mega-house, built in what its owner describes as a “Colonial Presidential” style, is about as big as Airbnbs come in North Jersey. Located in Franklin Lakes, the home boasts five bedrooms, five and a half baths, a gym and a three-story living room with soaring windows overlooking the huge backyard.

    It’s big enough for a small wedding, but don’t even think about it. Parties and events are barred, according to the listing.

    The modern home with waterfall: Washington Twp.

    There’s Mid-century Modern and then there’s straight-up modern. If you’ve ever wanted to find out what it’s like living in a cube inspired by the minimalist ideals of Germany’s Bauhaus movement, the inspiration for most modernist design, here’s your chance in North Jersey.

    The room itself is nothing special. It features a bed, a microwave and a private bathroom. But the Washington Township house, owned by a host named Esteban, is a Cubist rarity located just off the Parkway in Washington Township. And it’s cheap, just $63 per night.

    “Esteban’s house is beautiful and the landscaping is one of a kind,” one guest said in a review of the place. “If you’re a regular traveler and just looking for a bed to rest, Esteban’s room is functional and will meet this need.”

    The cabin in the woods: West Milford

    You want quiet and rustic? North Jersey has quiet and rustic. This cute blue cabin sits on sloping land in the woods of West Milford. In the wintertime, there’s a view through the trees to Pinecliff Lake.

    For $140 a night, it’s an affordable and comfortable place to leave hectic everyday life behind.

    “A great, clean, and cozy escape from the concrete jungle,” said one recent guest.

    The apartment with an NYC view: Fort Lee

    Here’s a listing that advertises “great views of NYC.” That isn’t quite correct. In fact, this lovely modernist apartment offers a front-and-center view of…the George Washington Bridge toll plaza.

    So why is it on this list?

    Because the apartment is impeccably designed, with tons of natural light. And if you’re looking for a comfortable spot with New Jersey prices ($175/ night) and quick access to New York City, there may be no place better. It’s a five minute walk to the footpath over the GWB, with your pick of bus lines that will take you into the city.

    “The location was convenient and the apartment was beautiful, and very clean with a great view,” said one recent guest.

    The adorable, affordable: Teaneck

    Cute cute cute! There’s nothing fancy about this Airbnb. It’s simply adorable, plus affordable at $65 a night. Stay in an attic in Teaneck with a bed and desk under the eaves. And if you spend the day walking around, you can get a massage from the host, who’s a professional massage therapist.

    “The location is perfect for public transportation anywhere you need to go,” a guest said about the place. “The room is large, cutely decorated and clean, and the bed is very comfortable.”

    The ‘oasis’ with a chef’s kitchen: Ridgewood

    North Jersey is famous for its many suburbs — 86 towns in Bergen and Passaic counties alone! And this Ridgewood house, which rents for $1,000 per night, does suburbia right. Inside you’ll find large, quiet, tastefully decorated rooms that merge historic touches with modern accents.

    “Outside boasts a tranquil oasis, with a sunken down fire pit to socialize and roast marshmallows, as well as patio/ dining area with grill,” according to the host.

    The Silk City loft: Paterson

    Who says you have to travel to New York City to stay in an urban loft? This apartment in downtown Paterson offers high ceilings, huge windows and an urban vibe. And like any good Manhattan apartment, it’s steps away from a train station, offering easy access to the city.

    The urban vibe also comes with an urban price: $299 per night.

    “We loved our stay in the loft!” said one couple who stayed here recently.

    ‘Communication was excellent. It was comfortable, spacious and the bed was very comfortable.”

    The utilitarian special: Carlstadt

    Not every Airbnb has to be tasteful or lavish. Utility is good. And it’s hard to find a better, more utilitarian place than this. If your niece from the Midwest gets an internship in Manhattan, be a good aunt or uncle and rent her this spot. The bedroom is super cute. It’s located in Carlstadt, a short walk from the Rutherford NJ Transit train station, and lots of bus lines to Manhattan pass nearby. It’s cheap, just $42 per night. And it’s just the kind of place to stoke a Midwestern girl’s dreams.

    “You can see the skyline of New York from here!” according to the listing.

    Eight guests can stay in this 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home in Ridgewood. Cost: $1,000/night COURTESY OF AIRBNB

    Eight guests can stay in this 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home in Ridgewood. Cost: $1,000/night COURTESY OF AIRBNB

    Eight guests can stay in this 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home in Ridgewood. Cost: $1,000/night


  9. What a bunch of morons at the Ridgewood News that they don’t even know Air BNB is illegal in Ridgewood. That should have been the heart of the story.

  10. Asshat….that’s a new one!

  11. $1,000 per day is also the fine under the ordinance. The people staying there can write their checks directly to the Village of Ridgewood.

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