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Ridgewood Parents Raise Money for “Student led Walkout” ?


March 13,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood parent group pushes financial support for “student led ” protest or walkout . According to a Facebook post , “Since the Village would rather that parents not be present to support our students, we can support them financially (so what else is new???). If you would like to stand in solidarity with our students, join them in one of the marches on March 24th.”

On the gofundme page it says, “These funds are needed for the Students Demand Action high school club. We are Ridgewood High School students from Ridgewood, NJ and are comprised of over 100 diverse students, who have come together and are determined to make a change after one of the most recent school shootings in Parkland, Florida. Although most of us are not directly related to the victims of the shooting, we, just like the students in Parkland are just that. Students. Kids. Teens. We want to be able to go to school and feel safe- we do not want to have to constantly worried that our family or our friends or even us could be gone in a heartbeat just because the wrong person has a gun. We are planning a rally for the 24th of March and need to reach our goal of $5,000 as soon as possible. These funds will be used to ensure a safe rally with police and canine presence as well as to help pay for the venue, insurances, permits, food, advertising, technology (speakers, lights, etc.), and anything else that may come up. When this money is withdrawed it will go to paying these expenses and any money left over will be either used for a future rally or donated to a Victim’s Fund. We have already received such an outstanding amount of support from our teachers, district, and town hall, and to reach our goal would help us make great strides in the school safety movement and lead to a safer tomorrow. For everyone. ”

So what exactly is this group , Students Demand Action high school club going to do with the $5,000 ?  While some suggest , “Maybe they are trying to get money to pay for the cops and fireman.  This march/rally has nothing to do with curriculum. Why should taxpayers pay for this?  What a mess this is and the roots go back to the 3 Amigos  and their politics.  ”

Other suggest “bail money” .




46 thoughts on “Ridgewood Parents Raise Money for “Student led Walkout” ?

  1. Shouldn’t they be protesting in Trenton, instead of doing that in RIdgewood?

  2. Viewing 19 of 19 Donations
    $25, Meredith Nock
    $50, Jean McTavish
    $20, Imran Qureshi
    $50, Muhammad Iqbal
    $100, Kathy and David Zrike
    $50, Alexandra Harwin
    $50, Anonymous
    $10, Dr. Gigi Mohamad
    $40, John Taylor
    $50, Sameerah Akhtar
    $75, Michael O’Reilly
    $10, Khalid Mahmood
    $20, Ghulam Rasool
    $20, Tarek Aly
    $50, Cynthia Halaby
    $50, Liz Glenning
    $20, Judy Baker
    $50, Jean McTavish
    $100, M. Khan
    $50, Lynn and Steven Benson
    $25 Meredith Nock

  3. They changed the title of the campaign – Earlier it was “walkout-movement-funds” which is still the URL – but now the title says – “Student Activism Club Funds”.

    One post on facebook suggests this:
    Ok, so apparently this gofundme page is not being run by the same core group of students who have put all their passion and energy into planning tomorrow’s RHS Walkout. It is another group of students who are hoping to raise money for a future rally event either later in March or possibly April. Therefore, I cannot speak to the legitimacy or the usage of the funds they are hoping to raise. It is a separate endeavor looking to plan a separate event from tomorrow’s RHS Walkout. If you have any further questions, they would need to be directed to the originator of the gofundme page (who I do not know). Sorry for any confusion with fundraising and tomorrow’s RHS event (that has been funded by a student run T-shirt sale!)

  4. What exactly do they need funding for?
    This is supposed to be a 17 minute event that is tightly controlled by the school on school grounds with Ridgewood police security.

  5. 4:44 they need the money for political donation .

  6. lauren and john saraceno – $100.

    Is this a backdoor fundraising for upcoming council elections?

  7. Let’s keep an eye on this one, how much is collected and what’s the ‘future’ plan

  8. Using kids for their own purposes–revolting.

  9. Paying for police, fire department, ambulance standby, emotional support peacocks, it all adds up.

  10. Actually, the Go Fund Me run by our children IS affiliated with the group that is behind the walkout. They are planning a rally at some point for the community because the walkout is only for the students.
    I know that my child has worked really hard on both the rally and the walkout and would appreciate if yall would stop bashing them.
    All of the funds are being brought together.
    If the rally doesn’t happen then they will use the money raised for various events to raise awareness
    Just let these passionate kids try to make a difference without crushing them.

  11. $5,000…are you kidding me? Food could be donated. They need lights? During the day? Parents putting orange ribbons around trees? High school students can do it themselves. Leave the students alone to take their selfies.

  12. I don’t think its right posting details of the 19 donations. If people care they can go to Facebook.

  13. 5:59 thank you for supporting your children (and future voters) in this event. Thus town need more people like you and fewer people who are quick to demean their actions! I hope the walkout and future rallies are. A wake up call to our leaders that change needs to happen!

  14. Where were all these protests when school shootings were going on during the Obama years? Admit it Libs, this is just an anti-Trump protest.

  15. Did someone suggest that a $100 donation is going to swing the election? Do you people hear yourselves? Pathetic.

  16. no they suggested it was a back door way to transfer money to a candidate

  17. Isn’t the Board of Education paying for the police department, what we need the fire department thear for.

  18. Where are the safe spaces for students who don’t feel safe if they don’t agree with these “student activist” bullies?

  19. “When this money is withdrawED….”

    Clearly Ridgewood High School is in need of remedial English classes more than it is in need of phony political walkouts.

  20. Once again, this group of <10, are missing the entire point of what our kids want to stand up for. And, Anyone can raise money for whatever cause they want. Especially good ones like this.

    Damed if we spend tax payer dollars, damed if people raise money, or pay lease revenue to the town. You are never happy. Do something positive and stop liking at the negative. Especially when people are morning and standing up for people's rights as an American

  21. 6:39 – Kids can stand up for anything that they want to ON THEIR OWN TIME. It is a free country – people have the full right to stand up for whatever it is that they want to.
    However, using the school system as a force multiplier is a disgusting and pathetic demonstration of dirty left wing progressive tactics.

  22. Watching some walkout ‘protests’ on TV right now. Kids carrying banners saying ‘Trump Who.’
    So clearly ‘just students standing up in horror against gun violence.’

  23. At the end of the RHS walkout rally a student promised this walkout would not be the last. She insisted that the walkouts would continue until things “change.” This is a perfect example of why Principal Gorman should never have allowed students to take over the school day in the first place. Gorman himself was seen hobnobbing with the media people allowed near the students on the front lawn of the high school. He was overheard repeatedly bragging that no fewer than one thousand students had assembled there for the outdoor protest and insisting that the media not report a smaller number. The student speakers praised and enthusiastically thanked the faculty and administration for working closely with them for weeks in a unified effort to maximize the number of students who would walk out of their assigned classes this morning and go to the protest rally. How does this not directly undercut all of the authority and responsibility that has been entrusted to these so-called adults, in loco parentis?

  24. And here we have some additional virtue signalers (they could have given anonymously but chose not to):

    $25, Jessica Kennedy,1 hour ago
    $20, David Schwartz, 2 hours ago
    $50, Sara Whiting, 2 hours ago
    $50, Michelle Katzman, 3 hours ago
    $50, Deanne Dunne, 5 hours ago
    $20, Christian Reinhardt, 6 hours ago
    $50, Anna and Matt Salerno, 10 hours ago
    $100, Jill Hartman Feeney, 10 hours ago
    $100, Katrina Marie, 11 hours ago
    $200, Daniel Weigert, 11 hours ago
    $10, Ed Burgoyne, 11 hours ago
    $50, The Sherman Family, 12 hours ago
    $25, Nancy Greene, 12 hours ago
    $100, Mayor Susan Knudsen, 12 hours ago
    $50, Leslie Kruithof, 12 hours ago
    $5, Daisy Soper, 12 hours ago
    $25, Louise Zarrilli, 12 hours ago
    $5, Olivia Sargente, 12 hours ago
    $50, Lorraine and Jim Reynolds, 12 hours ago
    $25, Tamara Amos, 12 hours ago
    $20, M O’Sullivan, 13 hours ago
    $100, Sandi Pleeter, 13 hours ago
    $25, Brian Dellatorre, 13 hours ago
    $100, Siobhan Winograd, 14 hours ago
    $160, Maryam Asgharzadeh, 16 hours ago
    $100, lauren and john saraceno, 18 hours ago

  25. Rewriting history and white-washing reality, Principal Gorman is no longer referring to the just-concluded event as a “walkout”, but is now confusedly describing it as to an “assembly”, “civil disobedience”, “democracy”, and “civil debates”. Does he get paid by the word?:
    March 14, 2018
    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Students, Faculty, and Staff:
    Today I write to you both as a father and a principal. In recent years, our schools and country have faced too much violence and too many innocent lives have been taken from us.
    On the one-month anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, we stand with our brothers and sisters in all schools to say “enough.” We mourn the victims and send our support to the Parkland community and all the others who have suffered similar tragedies.
    At 10:00 A.M., many Ridgewood High School students joined tens of thousands of teachers and students in solidarity. Students Demand Action, a newly formed club at RHS, led an assembly on the front lawn of the high school with speeches and a moment of silence. The students paid tribute to the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and expressed their desire for safer schools. After 17 minutes, they returned to the building to resume class.
    Simultaneously, another newly formed student-led group assembled in the Campus Center to advocate for safer schools and Second Amendment rights. They also engaged in speeches and a moment of silence to pay tribute to the victims.
    Students who did not wish to participate in either assembly, remained in class with the teacher or, if on a free period, in the building with designated faculty members.
    The students of Ridgewood High School are passionate about their various causes. Today was no different. Having two differing student-led groups peacefully assemble at the school advocating for their causes was civil disobedience and democracy in action. What makes America and RHS so great is that we can have civil debates on sensitive subjects.
    Students, know that your cause does not end today. Your strength and purpose happens in what you do in the 18th minute and beyond. Your teachers have taught you how to debate issues, research subjects, and advocate for your causes. You have the skills and the power to make a difference. Many of you are eligible to vote and the rest will be of age within one to three years. I encourage you to listen to your heart and decide what you wish to do.
    Today’s solemn anniversary gives us a chance to pause and reflect upon what is truly important in life. So I offer these thoughts:
    I pray for all the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, First Baptist Church, Pulse Night Club, and The Harvest Music Festival to name few of the most recent massacres. May the families and communities heal and find peace in their lives.
    I implore the lawmakers of this land to hear our plea and find the courage to create sensible gun laws to help prevent the 35,000 gun deaths and 100,000 gun wounds annually.
    I hope that all the victims of violence find peace. Too many innocent lives that have so much potential and so much to offer have been lost. There is no place in our society for sexual, racial, physical, or school violence. We owe it to all people, adults and children alike, to provide them with safety and security.
    I wish for the students and adults who need mental health support and related services to receive the care they deserve. More attention and services need to be allocated to these issues.
    And, I dream that all the teachers and students of Ridgewood High School reach their full potential, be safe and secure in this wonderful learning environment, and that upon graduation the students will take what they have learned and make a positive impact upon the world.
    Last, I want to assure you that over the past several years, Ridgewood High School has taken many steps to make the school safer and more secure. However, the best way to prevent a tragedy is to address it before it occurs. Students, if you see something, say something. It is the responsibility of all of us – teachers, staff, parents, and students – to speak up. If you are concerned about inappropriate social media postings, notify your parents, the police, or a faculty member. And if you know of a friend who is in need of some assistance, we have counselors, grade advisors, administrators, and teachers to help.
    Ridgewood High School is known for its tradition of excellence. But I want us to go beyond that motto. I want Ridgewood High School and all its students to cultivate a culture of kindness, gratitude, and love. We cannot control everything but we can control how we treat each other. Every teacher, administrator, and staff member loves you and is here for you whenever you need us. By working together, we will continue to keep RHS a safe and nurturing place.
    Thomas A. Gorman, Ed.D.

  26. You people make me sick to my stomach. I am embarrassed to call you neighbors. And doxxing people too… well guess what? I am going to donate now and add my name to the list in your honor.

    Kids standing up for what they believe in is the most American thing they can do and the best lesson they can learn. I admire them. Those of you criticizing them are very un-American. Yep. You. Love it or leave it!

  27. I love this site. James my hero.

    look how mad they get when exposed!

    keep it coming.

  28. Amen 1:07! I agree. The attitude of some people on this blog is appalling.

  29. How can Principal Gorman, with a straight face, credit today’s RHS class-cutters as having engaged in “civil disobedience”?
    According to one student speaker at the front lawn rally, Gorman and his staff and faculty worked together with the walkout organizers for weeks to boost their numbers on the day of the walkout.
    Also, according to the exact phrase used by another student speaker at the rally, and as plainly stated in Gorman’s letter to students and parents dated March 12th, the school administration promised all students “consequence free” participation in the anticipated walkout and rally.
    Principal Gorman should have formalized this morning’s political events, setting aside the desired 17 minutes during the class day, by shortening actual class times and/or reducing the duration of the mid-day lunch period in order to incorporate the political events into legitimate, pre-authorized school assemblies. This would eliminate all conflict with actual academic coursework. So why did he not do this?
    Principal Gorman exercised great rhetorical and administrative care to maintain a fiction that his class-cutting students would be “breaking the rules”, thereby allowing student protesters to identify with others in U.S. history who engaged in ACTUAL civil disobedience. The big difference, of course, is that no letters from any Birmingham jail will be forthcoming anytime soon.
    Principal Gorman must harbor a protest fetish, because the students today (particularly the gun control activists) really seemed to scratch that itch for him. He is also similar to the district superintendent, at least insofar as he uses a lot of words in his letters, but doesn’t seem concerned that the most important ones are drained of nearly all meaning, or are used deceptively.
    “How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”
    ~Abraham Lincoln

  30. Since the Mayor endorsed this fund raising effort on Facebook this morning expect all criticism of it here to stop. The minions will have gotten the message that it’s a Dear Leader approved activity. Don’t forget to get fitted for your tinfoil hat!

  31. your just mad because the mayor stole your scam right out from under you lol

  32. Tru dat pj!

  33. The following was posted yesterday at
    After the Parkland shooting, a number of students approached Dr. Thomas Gorman (Principal of Ridgewood High School) with the intent of taking action against gun violence. I had spoken to my parents about how I really wanted to be involved with making change, so I was one of the students who spoke to Dr. Gorman. There was a large meeting where we all voiced our opinions and ideas for how victims of gun violence should be honored while still pushing for change. A few days prior, I had gotten in contact with other students … we formed a club called Students Demand Action We spoke to Mr. Michael Yannone about being our faculty advisor, and he agreed.
    We had two meetings a week, where we decided on our message for the walkout. While we are passionate about gun violence and creating change, we were still mindful this is an event that would happen during school. We made a conscious effort to steer away from a strict political standpoint, so we could include as many people as possible. At the meetings, we talked about how feeling safe in schools should not be a privilege — it should be a right. We also talked about how although we are anti-gun violence, we are not anti-guns. We want school to be a place where we should be able learn and grow without worrying about whether our safety is at risk. Once we decided on our message, we divided into groups. The groups ranged from communicating via social media, hanging flyers up around school, and working with teachers to get student photographers to cover the walkout. We’ve been incredibly lucky because we’ve had the support of the administration on our side. Without their support, it would not have been possible to make the walkout as successful, organized, or safe.
    Students Demand Action acknowledges and respects the students who do not wish to participate.
    Tomorrow, we walk. At 10 am, students will gather together on the front lawn of Ridgewood High School. Student speakers will present their speeches about how they have been affected and their demands for school safety. After 17 minutes, there will be a moment of silence for victims of gun violence, this number symbolic of the 17 victims of the Parkland shooting. Although it is strictly a school event, it will be streamed via Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for the other Ridgewood schools and the Ridgewood community to watch.

  34. Some national reaction (lest we become too parochial):

    The Latest: Greenville schools to cite about 500 for walkout [SC School District Winning!]
    Posted on 3/14/2018, 4:34:05 PM by SoFloFreeper
    South Carolina’s largest school district says it’s going to reprimand several hundred students who participated in a national walkout to protest gun violence at schools.
    Greenville County Schools spokeswoman Beth Brotherton said Wednesday that students who participated in the walkout will be cited for cutting class. She said that school records show that about 530 students participated at about a dozen high schools.
    (Excerpt)
    Those SJWs-in-training need to be severely punished for their tantrum.
    4:36:03 PM by Repeal 16-17
    OMG! There is hope. Put a tick mark on their dang permanent record for sure. 😉 Of course some assclown will file as 1st amendment suit and probably win.
    4:36:52 PM by rktman
    Yeah, but at least they got rid of the guns.
    .4:37:45 PM by SaxxonWoods
    Won’t believe it ‘til I see it.
    Public schools are notoriously left-wing/Marxist. Nothing will likely happen to these students.
    4:38:25 PM by fwdude
    Actions have consequences. Including protests that break the law. The protestors of the Civil Rights Movement understood this. They were also willing to pay the penalties. So did Gandhi and his followers.
    If these kids are so sure of their cause, then let them suffer an F for the day. They earned it. 
    4:38:54 PM by Ciaphas Cain
    530 SJWs out of 35,000ish middle and high school students…1.5% turnout
    4:44:13 PM by chemical_boy
    Day hell. Truancy has consequences. F for the quarter on whichever class(es) they missed.
    4:45:59 PM by rktman
    A co-worker today stated he didn’t care about the walkout one way or the other. Mentioned it was freedom of speech. I agreed, that yes, they did have the right to protest, but not on my time and my dime as a taxpayer who has to pay for a full day’s teaching for these dolts.
    4:48:55 PM by IYAS9YAS
    Public schools are notoriously left-wing/Marxist. Nothing will likely happen to these students.
    Just teaching them what they can get away with for such a minor cost. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear some teachers in the classroom were quietly applauding and telling them to wear their reprimand with pride. 
    4:49:49 PM by frog in a pot
    I’d lower every last one of their GPA’s BY .5. Either we are on top of these little bastards or they will be on top of us.Enough already.
    4:51:14 PM by Bonemaker

  35. 3 Irrefutable Truths The Walkout Kids Need To Hear, And Don’t
    Rod Thomson
    It’s time to speak out some hard truths to the children participating in the so-called “student-led” national walkout and the broader “school safety” movement.
    Let’s call it speaking truth to power, because there are some very powerful forces blocking most of these young people from hearing these truths — the traditional media, Hollywood and the rest of the culture movers, Democratic leaders, most school leaders and the big activist organizations using the children as pawns for their own agenda.
    First, despite all the hot air from the above groups of people, all Americans agree on a few things.
    First, students are fearful. Well rightly so, the world is a dangerous place. Second, they want to be in a safe school. Also rightly so.
    But what if they were told they already were in a safe place? In their schools. This is where they need some educating in a way they will not get from a fawning media, from manipulative activist organizations such as the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter or, alas, from too many of their schools.
    Apologies ahead of time for those who do not want facts to mess with your feelings and political agenda, but here are some truths based in fact that could change the whole discussion — if they ever got past the kids’ gatekeepers.
    TRUTH 1: You’re not in imminent danger in your schools. It feels like it because of the overwhelming media coverage suggesting it, and irresponsible adults twaddling on about how school kids “risk their lives” every day just by showing up at school. But actually they do not. These adults should get an “F.”
    The lifetime odds of an American dying in a mass shooting committed in any location is 1 in 11,125 (more on this inflated number in a moment). This is just a fraction of the odds of dying other ways. Dying of accidental drug overdose is 1 in 86; dying from riding in a vehicle (not motorcycle) is 1 in 491; dying from drowning is 1 in 1,133; dying from being assaulted with a sharp object, usually a knife, is 1 in 2,517; dying from choking on food is 1 in 3,461; dying from bicycling is 1 in 4,030.
    Let’s do the math a little more. A student is 129 times more likely to die from a drug overdose than of a mass shooting of any kind; nearly 23 times more likely to die from riding in a car than a mass shooting; 10 times more likely to drown; more than four times more likely to die from knife assault and nearly three times more likely to die riding a bike.
    All of these are a long ways from dying of mass shootings. But that mass shooting number includes not just non-school mass shootings, but all shootings of more than three fatalities — including gang shootings, which is actually the largest element.
    The reality is that criminal victimization in American schools has completely collapsed along with the sharp decline in the crime rate. American classrooms are safer today than at any time in modern history.
    So yes, being fearful is understandable. Stay away from drugs! But being fearful of mass shootings actually is not. Being fearful in school actually is not. According to the facts.
    TRUTH 2: Immediately following the Parkland shooting, the media and the progressive organizations seeking to use the tragedy trafficked in the claim that there had been 18 school shootings in the U.S. in the first 45 days of 2018. ABC News, Politico, TIME, CNBC and other national media reported this as fact, despite being provided by a very biased anti-gun organization called Everytown for Gun Safety. The organization is quoted regularly.
    But Politifact, Snopes and others have totally debunked the claim as untrue. Everytown’s numbers include accidental discharges, suicides, college sorority disputes and so on. In fact, if you look at Everytown’s own chart breaking down the 18 shootings, very few even had an injury. Obviously the number is cooked to make it look much worse. But it is now alive forever in social media and many students buy it.
    Researchers at Northeastern University report there have been a total of eight mass shootings (killing more than three people) at K-through-12 schools in the United States in the past 22 years. Further, the number of fatal shootings in American schools over the past 20 years has plummeted.
    Schools are actually relatively safe.
    TRUTH 3: Outlawing certain types of guns or clips simply won’t make schools significantly safer in any respect.
    Despite all of the red-meat language about “assault rifles”, no one of a serious nature is pushing for the banning of all semi-automatic weapons, which is what would be required by taking this route. Why? Semi-automatics are guns that automatically chamber the next round each time after the trigger is pulled and the gun fires. So this actually includes old western revolvers. What is left is single-shot rifles, shotguns that are not semi-automatic and single shot handguns. These require loading each bullet.
    Such laws would mean probably hundreds of millions of guns being confiscated, or at least none allowed to be sold but still owned by Americans.
    There are more than 300 million guns in private Americans’ hands in the United States. The majority, it appears, are semi-automatics. There are no overall statistics on types of guns in the U.S., but the most popular rifle purchases are the AR styles, and the most popular handgun purchases are semi-automatics.
    Limiting the size of clips is a marginal impact at best because reloading a clip takes literally seconds.
    So what are the “assault weapons” bans being talked about? Generally, guns that look like an AR-15. But a WWII M-1 would also count. Perhaps any semi-automatic .22 would count. And that’s the rub. It’s not practical, even if it were Constitutional.
    So this is all just talk for politics and power.
    The truth is that Americans have always owned a lot of guns. It’s part of our history and heritage. But mass killings are a relatively new phenomenon. Even when machine guns were legal to own, the only “mass shootings” were gang-related and usually during Prohibition. No one at all was shooting schools, or movie houses or government buildings. Want to get to the core issue? Find out what has changed in our culture.
    All of this points to one, simple, overarching truth: Guns are not the problem.


  37. this just made me join the nra. people telling me what I can and can’t do to protect myself is very scary.

    best part is, most of these morons are anti-police. figure that shit out.


  39. Another nationwide school walkout is reportedly scheduled for April 20, the 19th anniversary of the school shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

  40. Friday, April 20, 2018
    This walkout effort includes a petition with the goal of collecting 50,000 signatures, and a Twitter account — @schoolwalkoutus — that serves as an information stream. It will be at 10 a.m. across each time zone (“Think of it as “rolling” across the country,” say its organizers.) This walkout is focused on high school students but its Twitter feed confirms that elementary and college students have been supportive, and many are also planning to walk out of class.
    “The majority of teenagers have no right to vote, leaving our voice unheard,” contend the organizers on their page. “The government does not hear or care how these tragedies affect our lives.”
    Students at this walkout are encouraged to wear the the color orange on the day, which falls on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado when twelve students and one teacher were killed. The shooters chose April 20 because it was Hitler’s birthday, it was later learned.
    “Nothing has changed since Columbine, let us start a movement that lets the government know the time for change is now,” they say.
    April 20 has long been an unofficial pot-smoker’s holiday, a fact not lost on commenters: “Like we don’t know what these kids are really planning on doing on 4/20,” commented one of many who pointed out the date’s other significance. “We are aware of the significance of the date. This issue of school shootings is important enough that we hope that is what people focus on,” replied the official Twitter account five minutes later.

    What’s the difference between the two marches?

    The April 20 march is an all-day walkout, while the March 14 walkout is for 17 minutes, a minute for each of the people who died on February 14 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
    “We have contacted them, no response yet. We prefer an all day to their 14 minutes,” tweeted the organizers of the April 20 walkout, incorrectly commenting it was 14 minutes instead of the correct 17. “We prefer a full-day movement,” the organizers also commented.
    Spring Break
    Many schools offer a spring break period around the dates of both marches.

  41. I find it so very interesting and pathetic that you all, including James hide behind ‘Anonymous’ logins while thinking it’s ok to list the persons who donated. I’m proud to donate and because of you losers I plan on donating more. Stand up and be seen if you are such good ‘neighbors’. Heck who even knows if you live in Ridgewood, probably not. Don’t tell me where I can’t and shouldn’t spend my own money, period.

  42. Was there any way to check the “validity” of the “Go Fund Me” individuals? Did any mother know that her child was involved in this? The massive spelling error alone should have made people question this appeal. I know I am a spoil sport but new scams are published every day and this was certainly a good cause to support.

  43. Anonymous wants to check names? hahahaha… in terms of massive spelling errors you’re on the right site.

  44. I can care less either way but,If you didn’t want your names posted, don’t publicly donate. Now a search of your name exposes your view which in turn may hurt your business or personal affiliations.

  45. donations are public information, they are right on the website I post under James , that’s me , if you weren’t trying to show off to your neighbors you can donate anonymously

  46. 7:14 – James, you can’t explain things to an idiot. Idiots cannot understand simple truths.

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