photo Ridgewood PBA Local 20 and FMBA Local 47 with Jason Jacoby

September 5,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on August 28  the Ridgewood PBA Local 20 and FMBA Local 47 joined forces to donate a new bicycle to gracious young resident. Jaden was heartbroken to find that his bicycle, which… had been given to him by the FMBA, had been stolen and was unable to be recovered. Members of the FMBA and PBA we’re not satisfied with that outcome and decided to purchase a replacement bicycle for Jaden. He was asked to do three things in return, always lock up his new bike, always wear his helmet and to show his appreciation by doing something kind for someone else. After meeting with Jaden and seeing his appreciation, we have no doubt that he will pay our kindness forward.