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Ridgewood Police Begin Parking Permit Enforcement


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, This is to make you aware that the Police Department is enforcing for lack of a Ridgewood Parking Permit (RPP) or parking in a location with the wrong permit.  As a reminder, the only permit accepted in the Hudson Street lot is the Hudson Street permit.  The Premium Ridgewood Parking permits may be used in all lots, except the Hudson Street lot.

The 2019 Annual Commuter (Ridgewood Parking Permits – RPP) are currently for sale at the Reception Desk in the lobby of Village Hall, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except holidays.  All applicants must bring their driver’s license and vehicle registration(s) for car(s) they wish to list on their permits, as the RPPs allow up to 3 cars on each hang tag.  The RPPs allow commuters to park in designated Ridgewood parking lots without having to pay the parking meters.  All permit prices will be pro-rated throughout the year.  The following is a summary of the Ridgewood Parking Permits (RPPs) and their prices:

Premium RPP – $1,300 annual fee – SOLD OUT

Hudson Lot Permit – $1,300 annual fee – allows Ridgewood residents to park in the Hudson parking lot only, with a guaranteed parking space.  When the Hudson parking lot is closed, due to the construction of the parking garage, those residents with a Hudson parking lot permit will participate in a ride share program, through December 31, 2019.
  Residents who purchase Hudson parking lot permits must purchase a premium Ridgewood parking permit at the end of 2019 in order to continue to participate in the ride share program until the parking garage opens in 2020.  Hudson Lot permit holders may use their permits in any lot on Saturdays.

Non-Premium RPP – $975 annual fee – allows Ridgewood residents to park in Chestnut Street lot, North Walnut Street lot, Cottage Place lot, and Route 17 Park and Ride lot. 

Park and Ride RPP – $975 annual fee – this price is for both Ridgewood residents and non-residents, and allows parking in the Route 17 Park and Ride lot.

Non-resident RPP in Central Business District – $1,950 annual fee – allows non-residents to park in the Cottage Place lot.

Ridgewood Resident Commuter Sticker – Free – All Ridgewood resident commuters who wish to park at the train station must bring in their driver’s license and vehicle registration(s) to obtain a free Ridgewood Resident Commuter sticker.  Free Ridgewood Resident Commuter stickers will also be issued to all Ridgewood residents purchasing RPPs and the Hudson Lot permit.

The Village will accept checks, cash, or credit cards (with a 3% transaction fee to the user) for payment.

There are also Central Business District (CBD) Employee stickers and hang tags that may be purchased by those who work in the CBD and allows parking at designated meters in the North Walnut Street and Cottage Place lots.
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10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Begin Parking Permit Enforcement

  1. Can’t watch the mailboxes but the parking will get their full attention.

  2. The above is super true.

  3. Such a big mistake, the top officials need to spend more time in the CBD. Do you see what’s happening wow it’s starting stores are leaving. They better hope that this doesn’t turn out to be like the last store bail out. I’m sure some of you remember when we had over 60 Empty vacancies. The town looked terrible like a ghost town upstate New York.

  4. Well the new parking garage will fix that. Now stores will stay.

  5. They need the revenue from tickets to build the stupid garage.

  6. What a joke. Ware is the police at the hr’s of 2am to 6am.

  7. Wait until Dunkin’ Donuts opens up at 17, yummy yummy. Hot coffee.

  8. With all this noise about parking what happens to an individual with a handicapped card or plate? Because of the EXTREMELY limited amount of handicapped parking, where are we supposed to go? Particularly since many of us don’t have a download app on our phones?

  9. It’s every fat cat for themselves..Shame on VC

  10. Getting sick of seeing the young cops in our town yukking it up with each other whenever there’s a PSE&G or Verizon truck dealing with an “emergency”. The other day I saw three police cars idling with the cops just hanging out wasting tax payer dollars and doing nothing. Meanwhile they find ‘make work’ projects like parking permits to pay for Ridgewood to be over policed. Parking meter quarters? Post boxes? Meh. The CBD looks awful.

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