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Ridgewood Police Chase Down Stop & Shop Shoplifters


file photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Police report that on December 21st, patrol units were dispatched to 175 Franklin Avenue on a report of a shoplifting in progress involving multiple actors. Upon arrival a witness reported observing two actors fleeing towards North Walnut Street. Patrol began to search the area and located both actors who fled on foot. The parties were apprehended and arrested by patrol. The stolen property was also recovered. A 38 year-old male from Union Township, N.J. was charged with shoplifting and the obstruction of administration of law and the second arrestee, a 46 year-old male from Paterson, N.J. was charged with shoplifting and the obstruction of administration of law. Both arrestees were served with a copy of the warrants and transported to the Bergen County Jail.

This followed and earlier incident when Ridgewood Police officers took four (4) individuals into custody during a motor vehicle traffic stop made in connection with an alleged attempted shoplifting at the Stop & Shop, 175 Franklin Avenue, Ridgewood on Wednesday afternoon, 12/19. The traffic stop was affected by Glen Rock PD officers at the intersection of Glen Avenue and South Maple Avenue in Glen Rock. Police at the scene did not reveal the exact nature of criminal charges, if any, pending, or to be made, against the four (4) adults who were being detained.

21 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Chase Down Stop & Shop Shoplifters

  1. Does anyone know what was stolen !

  2. We are soft targets for the drug addicts and loosers from
    Paterson and other down on their luck communities.

    Drug addicts have no choice other than crime or drug dealing to keep the music playing in their sick brains

    just takes a train or bus ticket and they are here for shoplifting , and that is only the beginning of the muggings
    and breaking and entering ..the Garage is also the wrong move for Safety of our residents ..they can park and survey
    the patterns at night for their next victims.Facts…

  3. Candy canes


  5. Let’s build a wall! 🙂

  6. Obviously It’s time for a guardian angels to come in to Ridgewood. And no one can stop them no one.

  7. It’s amazingly a lot of shoplifters in Ridgewood. We even have Workers stealing wine.

  8. Once you start Virtue Signaling, the criminals know you have no virtue
    …and know they can walk all over you and you will not protest.

  9. Ding ding ding ding…the anti garage assholes chimed in on cue!
    You slobs are so predictable

  10. There must be something about Stop & Shop. It always happens there! Why?

  11. Nice going, potty mouth! Calling your neighbors a-holes because they disagree with you? Other than the obvious financial scheme the VC pulled on us, garagezilla is just a place for people to further turn Ridgewood a transient town of crime.

  12. I was in the CVS store at Glen Rock last year when I heard a commotion.

    A small woman working the floor went right after this dude with a backpack. She caught him red-handed putting stuff in his sack.

    He left the store and wasn’t the least bit sorry.

    I drove home via Rock Road and then I saw the same guy walking into the other pharmacy in town. He was not going to be stopped…..

  13. Ridgewood Stop & Shop is such a seedy looking store on a lot of fronts. I’m surprised so many residents use it.
    We go to the one in Wyckoff.

  14. Well at least the police have something to do.

  15. love the king of status quo inc.


    You slobs are so predictable

    lame…go back to your victory party VCR tapes…

  16. The Ridgewood Stop and Shop are good neighbors and many of the cashiers and stock
    workers dairy etc are working hard each day for us.Check out lines sometimes long ..
    but we go for great sales and basics for that I am thankful that we have stop and shop
    as well as kings and whole foods working for our families.

  17. Stop and shop is a dump and hires many criminals who steal and short change residents

  18. “Ding ding ding ding…the anti garage assholes chimed in on cue!
    You slobs are so predictable”

    What’s the matter?
    Getting under your skin?
    Not happy being called out for the self serving vulture that you are by having your GINORMOUS GARAGE exposed for the Village killing scam that it is?

  19. “Stop and Shop is a dump and hires many criminals who steal and short change residents.” I’m afraid you are imagining things as you certainly don’t have any proof of your statement. If you dare to be courageous enough to defend your probably false accusation, would you please get a copy of the police reports that must have accompanied these accusations? No resident nor non-resident would allow these actions to occur without making a formal complaint. Without proof we could falsely charge you with being one of the guilty parties as you seem to know so much more about what is going on.

  20. That store is dirty . What a bunch of misfits that work there .

  21. labor is tight
    we need those folks to help us get our food locally

    they are working class people many young moms and dads

    we all had to start somewhere

    Einstein….happy New Years

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