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Ridgewood Police ,Fire and EMS Respond to Construction Fall


photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Police, Ridgewood Fire department, and Ridgewood EMS rushed to aid an injured worker who had fallen two (2) stories inside of a new home being constructed in the 300 block of North Monroe Street, Ridgewood on Monday morning, 01/21. The victim landed in the home’s basement and was removed by a cadre of firefighters via a window well. He was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. A paramedic team from The Valley Hospital accompanied the patient in the ambulance.

As per Village Code 222-1, the use of power tools for commercial purposes is prohibited on holidays, and MLK Day is specified as one of those holidays.

7 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police ,Fire and EMS Respond to Construction Fall

  1. Was a summons issued for the ordinance violation Capitan Amoruso?

  2. Outstanding work by Ridgewood Fire Department.

  3. who cares about the man who fell right??? just get that summons written!!!! another dumb post on the blog

  4. I am sorry for the man. But I do get so pissed off when contractors work on holidays and on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Come on people.

  5. That will be the day that someone tells me I can’t run my power tools inside my house on a weekend or a. Holiday. I can understand outside And early and late hours that’s understandable.but inside please stop. This is not Nazi Germany. And for the Bergen blue laws don’t work anymore.

  6. Homeowners can do whatever they want, no problem with that. And no one is regulating what goes on inside. But contractors are not supposed to operate their heavy power stuff on Sundays, holidays, and saturday afternoons. This is reasonable to me. If I am having my Sunday coffee, I really don’t need a jackhammer going on the construction next door.

  7. Was the general contractor Brooks? Very unfortunate…

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