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Ridgewood Police Officer attacked by a dog on Wednesday

Ridgewood Police Officer attacked by a dog on Wednesday

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook

October 12,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,An on-duty uniformed Ridgewood PD Patrol Officer was attacked by a large mixed breed dog on Wednesday afternoon, 10/11. The officer had approached a single family home located on Alanon Road in an attempt to make a notification for another agency. The dog, who was not property restrained while accompanying its owner in the home’s back yard, bit the officer twice. The victim was transported by marked police car to The Valley Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries (a single puncture wound and scratches). Ridgewood PD Patrol Division supervisors and a representative from the Village of Ridgewood Health Department were observed interviewing the dog’s owner during the incident investigation process.  It was reported that the dog’s owner was issued at least one summons by the Health Department representative.

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Officer attacked by a dog on Wednesday

  1. Isn’t the dog’s owner the same man who, on several occasions, shouted racial slurs at Village of Ridgewood sanitation workers? The Village refused to pick up his garbage for an extended period due to his behavior, right? Now, his dog bites a Ridgewood cop; not once, but twice? Is there a pattern here that requires further investigation? Does he own any guns? I’m glad I live nowhere near his place.

  2. Children and Utility workers need to be warned off with a large municipal sign on his raising and door to door school sales at night could be dangerous to children and utility municipal workers

  3. I was bitten on Oct 21 as I was leaving saddle river park by the Glen Rock Duck pond. A woman, with her Wheaton terrier were passing me on the bridge to the cu de sac and the dog lunged at me and took a chunk out of my arm. The woman initially volunteered to help, but then changed her mind and fled. Now if I don’t locate the dog and th owner I will have to undergo Rabies shots. Woman is in her thirties, slim with long brown hair and Eastern European accent..

  4. My god Arlene, this is terrible. Simply despicable that the person would bolt like that.

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