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Ridgewood Police Officer Failed Random Drug Test

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Ridgewood NJ,  a Ridgewood Police officer was named as one of eight New Jersey police officers last year who failed random drug test, after a  random testing policy was put in place across the state .

According to sources the tests uncovered law enforcement officers using drugs like marijuana, cocaine and the powerful prescription opioid painkiller oxycodone. The mandatory drug testing policy for all law enforcement officers was enacted in March by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal .

The eight municipal cops who failed tests came from six towns. Two officers tested positive in Weehaken and North Bergen, and officers also tested positive in Franklin Borough, Ridgewood, Piscataway and Woodland Park.

An unidentified Ridgewood police officer failed a drug test in October, records generated as part of the new drug testing mandate don’t show what happened to this officer. 

21 thoughts on “Ridgewood Police Officer Failed Random Drug Test

  1. OK so what is the procedure, some sort of rehab. . Support groups. What is the Law for help to get clean.

  2. Hey maybe it’s the damn stress. Do you think of Village of Ridgewood gives two shits for the employees who are stressed out. Because if they did they would do something about it. Or maybe they just don’t wanna open up a can of worms.

  3. Exercise is a good way to handle stress…

  4. A few of the new younger cops I’ve dealt with have been arrogant, rude and entitled. They obviously think they can get away with whatever they want because mommy or daddy helped get them on the force. This won’t change until we get new recruits based on merit, not residency. With the salaries and benefits offered by the RPD, we should have our pick of the top graduates, not just second best because of the residency requirements (which are designed to protect nepotism, nothing else). But the minute you suggest either this, or replacing full-time cops with “specials” for the extra duty “work” turning on their police car lights & talking their cellphones by the Verizon and PSE&G trucks, they scream bloody murder. Sadly our council remains heavily conflicted and won’t do anything serious about this or the cop who tested positive.

  5. Publish their names. Everyone else’s names gets published why not them? Marijuana should not be included.

  6. Blue wall of silence rules

  7. Blue wall silence my ass. In my eyes the Ridgewood police department is working way too many hours. The read is getting in the way of health. And all this overtime to work for utilities is a joke . The governors talking about saving money wow that’s the first part of the utilities company hire flagman like years ago. Stop the bullshit now.

  8. Then publish their names Bro. You’re obviously towing the union line. Hire specials to do the extra duty work for the utilities instead of full-time officers. That’s been suggested multiple times to the RPD, and they claim that would be stealing food from their tables. And BTW, after Valley leaves we won’t need as many cops anymore.

  9. RPD should not be doing utility duty. That’s not what we’re paying their salaries for, since we already pay for utilities. PSE&G can pay their own flag people. Police officers are trained professionals, not babysitters.

  10. So damn right. We don’t need to be babysitting any utilities anymore it’s such bullshit stop already. It’s one big fucking joke. In the regular police department should stay off of Route 1710. But the state police and Bergen county handle the highway. Just too damn dangerous people let’s keep the cops on our roads. Enough is enough I think this new mayor has a set of Bruce Lee Balls he will take care of this bullshit.

  11. You morons. We do not pay the police who are on side jobs for PSEG. They are off duty from us and being paid side job money by the utility

  12. What the hell are you talking about bro. As a village resident paying for utilities it’s in my utility bill that’s paying for you. My utility bill would be cheaper if they had their own flag workers like they been in the past what is it that you don’t understand. The police cost is probably double what it would cost to utility company to pay a certified flag crew. Holy shit you must have your head up your ass. I know what the rate is the plane the plan Holy shit you must have your head up your ass. I know what the rate is to pay to flagman. That is going to stand in the road not sit in the car on the cell phone. This nonsense needs to stop immediately this is Ridiculous. Please stop your bullshit I will bury you verbally any day of the week.

  13. Yep, there it is. The minute you suggest having specials or flag people instead of our cops doing extra duty work, out come the police union trolls calling us “morons.”

    If you read above, another police lackey complained that “all this overtime work for utilities is a joke.”

    So which is it? Too many hours, or off duty extra work for PSEG?

    Ratepayers are screwed twice here; through our property taxes which pay for the police vehicle depreciation, cellphone usage, and uniforms & equipment worn by these “off duty” officers; and, by the extra charges PSEG, Verizon and NJ Transit pass through to us in our monthly bills anyway.

    If the cops & their unions don’t want to give up the extra duty work for the utilities and call anyone suggesting this “morons”, doesn’t it seem like they actually want the work?

    Wonder if they’re also playing games with overtime and charging taxpayers extra despite the claims these cops are “off duty” when they work for the utilities? I’m sure they are given his loud they squawk the second anyone questions the work fir utilities. They’re stealing food from our tables guaranteed, it’s not the other way around.

  14. We love the rainbow flag. Stay strong,

  15. Of course the RPD and their PBA is playing games with overtime and charging taxpayers lots extra despite claims these cops are “off duty” when they work for the utilities. Look at how loud they squeal when anyone questions so called “extra duty” work for utilities, or when you propose flag people or auxiliary or part-time cops (so called “specials”). They are stealing food from our tables, its an outright scam and all they can do is make hate crime remarks about the rainbow flag. Ridgewood is run by retired ex-cops and conflicted Council members. They’re enjoying their $5 Viagra co-pays so they can keep f%&$ing the rest of us. Soooooey!

  16. What is soooooey?

  17. Just as an FYI for all you morons screaming about paying our police for overtime, we don’t. The company thats doing the work…iePSEG or RW Water…pays for their overtime. So yes I would prefer my own police dept to get the money instead of some outsider.

  18. Two comments. 1)police are being paid by whomever hires them. The hiring companies pay the Police Dept and it then pays them. So Ridgewood is not directly paying them for the extra work.

    2) All these complaints about our lazy police. I just had lunch near a Ridgewood officer today. During the 20 minutes the officer was there FOUR different major calls came in. This apparently is the norm for daytime hours.

  19. “police are being paid by whomever hires them. The hiring companies pay the Police Dept and it then pays them. So Ridgewood is not directly paying them for the extra work.” This comment is correct but my understanding is that since the pay comes from the Police Dept it counts towards their pension benefits. The officer is entitled to X percent of his last X years of total comp which includes working side jobs unrelated to official business. So in short, their retirement benefits are going way up which Ridgewood will be footing the bill for.

  20. Spot on x. You can be sure the RPD and PBA are scamming resident taxpayers through the extra duty work for the utilities. That’s why they’re so adamant to keep the gravy train running. And of course we all end up paying for it anyway through inflated PSEG, Ridgewood Water, Verizon rates… they just pass the cost through to us. And guess who pays for the fuel, depreciation on the police vehicles, cellphone usage, etc? Yep, municipal taxpayers. The RPD is stealing four from our tables yet again running this extra duty scam, just like the scam they run paying out 50% of accumulated leave upon retirement at the highest final rate of compensation rather than at the rate paid when the leave was awarded. Total scam and outright theft from taxpayers. Piggy 🐷

  21. Overtime pay is NOT pensionable… don’t just post random thoughts

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