§ 105-13 Pet solid waste.
[Added 9-26-1978 by Ord. No. 1689; amended 8-14-1984 by Ord. No. 1946; 12-14-2005 by Ord. No. 2964]
Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish requirements for the proper disposal of pet solid waste in the Village of Ridgewood, so as to protect public health, safety and welfare, and to prescribe penalties for failure to comply.
Definitions and word usage. For the purpose of this section, the following terms, phrases, words and their definitions shall give the meanings stated herein unless their use in the text of this section clearly demonstrates a different meaning. When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future, words used in the plural number include the singular number, and words used in the singular number include the plural number. The word “shall” is always mandatory and not merely directory.
IMMEDIATE The pet solid waste is removed at once, without delay. OWNER/KEEPER Any person who shall posses, maintain, house, be responsible for, or harbor any pet or otherwise have custody of any pet, whether or not the owner of such pet. PERSON Any individual, corporation, company, partnership, firm, association, or political subdivision of this state subject to municipal jurisdiction. PET A domesticated animal (other than a disability assistance animal) kept for amusement or companionship. PET SOLID WASTE Waste matter expelled from the bowels of the pet; excrement. PROPER DISPOSAL Placement in a designated waste receptacle, or other suitable container, and discarded in a refuse container which is regularly emptied by the Village of Ridgewood or some other refuse collector; or disposal into a system designed to convey domestic sewage for proper treatment and disposal.
Requirement for disposal. All pet owners and keepers are required to immediately and properly dispose of their pet’s solid waste deposited on any property; public or private, not owned or possessed by that person.
Exemptions. Any owner or pet keeper who requires the use of a disability assistance animal shall be exempt from the provisions of this section while such animal is being used for that purpose.
Enforcement. The provisions of this section shall be enforced by the Board of Health of the Village of Ridgewood and the Village of Ridgewood Police Department.
Violations and penalties. Any person(s) who is found to be in violation of the provisions of this section shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $500 in accordance with Chapter 105, § 105-16.
Severability. Each section, subsection, sentence, clause and phrase of this section is declared to be an independent section, subsection, sentence, clause and phrase, and the finding or holding of any such portion of this section to be unconstitutional, void, or ineffective for any cause, or reason, shall not affect any other portion of this section.
When effective. This section shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption and any publication as may be required by law.