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Ridgewood Resident Pursues United States Soccer Federation Presidency

Mike Winograd

January 18,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, On Monday, Ridgewood resident Mike Winograd and his youth soccer advisor, Liam Winograd, went to ESPN FC. Winograd is currently in the running for United States Soccer Federation president.

Ahead of the United States Soccer Federation presidential election on Feb. 10, ESPN FC asked the eight candidates running to succeed Sunil Gulati to address a series of questions, in 150 or fewer words per answer.

Below are both a transcript and video of Village Resident Mike Winograd

Michael Winograd, USSF presidential candidate, answers ESPN’s questions :

The video link

7 thoughts on “Ridgewood Resident Pursues United States Soccer Federation Presidency

  1. Is he paying you to post this propaganda?

  2. 10:07am NO WAY!. Someone is sending these news articles to the blog, who loves to talk bad about the blog when preaching civility.

  3. Perhaps the USSF should talk to local residents and organizations who have a familiarity with Mr. Winograd and his family before determining his suitability. My understanding is that he has sued a neighborhood family for harassment, sued the Maroons’ board of directors for discrimination (claiming they were prejudice based on his religion when they didn’t appoint him) and that his wife perused a law suit against another local family when disparaging information was leaked to his employer, claiming slander. I also believe that his family is responsible for a number of restraining orders placed on local families due to conflicts at school. The USSF should also talk to the female coaches on the Maroons, as I understand their impressions of coaching alongside him indicate hostile, aggressive and misogynistic behavior.

  4. Anonymous subscriber, why not send them an anonymous letter?

  5. It seems that he has been prepping to run for several months now and has a lot of positive press lined up on search engines. Negative articles have been pushed down and a simple search doesn’t show anything much beyond the headlines, as far as specifics. I’m sure the USSF doesn’t want a president with a closet full of skeletons do deal with so expect Mr. Winograd to be fairly vetted. In a related note, we have seen too many coaches and trustees lose their collective minds with youth sports in Ridgewood, probably dating way beyond the publication of “Little League Confidential”.

  6. Look at this guy…see it?
    If this cat is not a Larry Nassar I don’t know who is.
    12:03 is exactly right. Everyone in town has got this creeps number.
    Why don’t we, for a change, be proactive and stop this guy in his tracks b4 he lashes out. What normal human being conducts himself the way this guy does? All the warning signs are there.

  7. Anybody with documentable negative information is duty bound to send it to the USSF.

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