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Ridgewood School Board Insists September 17 Resolution Does Not take a Position on the Date of the School Election


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood School Board Vice President Jim Morgan , tells the Ridgewood Blog in an email , “You might also find the language in the September 17 resolution of interest. Nowhere does it take a position on the date of the school election. It only seeks discussion. Here is the link to the District website that contains the approved resolution”

He also forwarded us an article from North Jersey media  , “Ridgewood weighs moving school elections yet again”  Rather telling headline don’t you think?

Which all begs the question if you are not trying to take away residents vote on the Ridgewood School Budget ($110,000,000) why has the Board of Education invited the public and members of the Village Council to attend its Oct. 8 and Nov. 5 meetings for a discussion?

WHEREAS, the Ridgewood Board of Education and the Village Council have been delegated separate, nonexclusive authority to set the date for the school elections for Board members and the annual school budget; and

WHEREAS, the Ridgewood Board of Education in 2013 voted to move the date of the school elections from April to November; and WHEREAS, the State of New Jersey had a four-year moratorium on moving school elections from November back to April which expired on May 31, 2018; and

WHEREAS, the Ridgewood Board of Education recommended to the Village Council before they voted to switch the election to April that the two bodies hold joint public hearings after Labor Day to determine if the community wanted the school elections to be moved to April and have the district incur additional costs estimated by the Village Manager to be $48,000 or higher; and

WHEREAS, on July 18, 2018 the Village Council voted 3-2 to move the school elections to April; and

WHEREAS, there is legislation before the NJ Assembly and Senate to move all school elections to November eliminating the authority of local Councils and Boards to require school elections in April, if enacted, this legislation would supersede any action by the Village Council to move the school election to April; now, therefore, Be it resolved, that the Ridgewood Board of Education will exercise its authority to consider the date of school elections at its December 3, 2018 meeting after holding public hearings at the November Board of Education meetings to hear from Ridgewood voters their preference as to whether school elections should be held in November or April; and

Be it further resolved, that the dates for such public hearings will be:

November 5, 2018 November 19, 2018

Be it further resolved, that the Ridgewood Board of Education invites all Ridgewood voters to attend these public hearings to express their opinions and thoughts on this matter or to contact the Board at

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood School Board Insists September 17 Resolution Does Not take a Position on the Date of the School Election

  1. Morgan looks like Bozo and talks like the clown too.

  2. Last I heard, Mr. Morgan was claiming that here was no resolution. What’s up Jimbo?

  3. What a nut job he’s turning out to be. Although the resolution doesn’t specifically mention the date of the April school election, he’s quoted in the news article THAT HE PROVIDED to The Ridgewood Blog as being opposed to the April date. Has he forgotten what he told the reporter? Time for a check up from the neck up Jim?

    “Morgan echoed other trustees who are concerned that the April 16, 2019, election date coincides with spring recess, a popular vacation time.”

  4. They realize now that the public sees them for who they really are (petty, manipulative, liars) and are stumbling over themselves trying to escape.

  5. “It is the community’s involvement that was lacking in what the council did this summer that is most troublesome. I’d really like to hear the community’s reactions,” Morgan said.


    As I recall, this topic was discussed during TWO OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS OF THE RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE COUNCIL, during which several taxpayers who were present voiced their respective opinions.

    Many residents have also provided commentary via Facebook posts and on The Ridgewood Blog.

    So Mr. Morgan, “community reaction” has not been absent.

  6. I heard that Morgan goes to the Unitarian church on Cottage Place and goes around saying that he is an atheist. Who does things like this, showing utter disregard for churchgoers? I mean, if you don’t believe, that’s your prerogative. But why go to the church and then act smarter or better than everyone there? Oh, I guess that’s exactly what he does in his position on the Board of Ed. he acts smarter and better than everyone.

  7. The Board ABSOLUTELY does have a position on this, they have all said that we need to keep our noses out of their business.

  8. Why it is that almost in any local management position we have grumpy, incapable, selfish people who once elected show disregard and sometimes scorn against their constituents?

  9. Eagle – Morgan and Loncto are at the top of the grumpy, incapable, selfish list

  10. LIARS

  11. They all lied about their verbal agreement to help fund the School Resource Officer. They said they would. Then they said they never said it. Then Ramon and Susan made them remember that they said it. They are such liars on the board of education. Morgan wrote that no such agreement ever was made. Whoops, it was made. All bluster and no beef.

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