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Ridgewood School Board Legislation and Advocacy

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Legislation and Advocacy

Contact information for legislators; Board testimony on pending legislation, resolutions approved by the Board in support/opposition of pending bills, and letters sent from Dr. Fishbein to legislators.

Board Resolutions in Support/Opposition to Legislation

Resolution Advocating Gun Control

Resolution for Improvement of PERS Pension Budgeting Information

Resolution for Regulatory Relief for America’s Schools

Resolution in Opposition to Moving the Annual School Election to November

Resolution in Opposition to Senate Bill 1872 and Assembly Bill 2810 “Opportunity Scholarship Act”

Resolution in Support of A1695

Resolution in Support of A3399/S2330 – The Option to Waive a Pupil’s Right to Transportation

Resolution in Support of National Principal’s Month

Resolution in support of Pension and Health Benefits Reform

Resolution in Support of the Allamuchy School District

Resolution in Support of the Restoration of 2009-2010 State School Aid Cuts

Resolution Opposing S1191/A3627 (Undermining a School Board’s Ability to Subcontract Services)

Resolution Opposing S2163 and A3696 (Requiring Binding Arbitration over Disciplinary Matters Involving Non-Teaching Staff)

Resolution Opposing Senate Bill S1459, Establishment of a County-Wide Purchasing System

Resolution Opposing the Proposed FY 2014 SDA Assessments

Resolution Opposing the Superintendent Salary Cap

Resolution Requesting Full Compensation for New State Staff and Administrator Evaluation Mandates

Resolution Seeking Amendment to Senate Bill 2925/Assembly Bill 4132 To Retain Local School Board and Superintendent Authority over Personnel Decisions

Resolution Seeking Amendment to TeachNJ – S1455 to Retain Board of Education and Superintendent Authority over Personnel Decisions

Resolution Supporting Paramus Public Schools

Resolution to Delay Use of the NJASK and PARCC Testing Data to Evaluate Teachers

Resolution to Support New Jersey Schools on the Enrollment of Resident Children

Superintendent’s Correspondence to/from Legislators

Correspondence from Assemblyman Rumana Regarding S1882

Correspondence from Assemblywoman Huttle Regarding the “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights”

Correspondence to Assemblyman Burzichelli Regarding A1489,A4140, A4142 Regarding Prevailing Wage Legislation

Correspondence to Assemblyman Cryan and Assemblywoman Quijano Regarding A4058-School Shelter Grant Program

Correspondence to Assemblyman McKeon Regarding A3883-Establishment of Temperature Control Guidelines and Standards for School Facilities

Correspondence to Assemblymen Russo and Rumana, Senator O’Toole, and Governor Christie and Response from Assemblyman Rumana Regarding Resolution Supporting Paramus Public Schools

Correspondence to Senator Buono Regarding S3129-Evaluation Standards for Teacher Performance

Correspondence to Senator O’Toole and Assemblymen Rumana and Russo Regarding A3523 – Use of Interim Administrators

Correspondence to Senator O’Toole and Assemblymen Russo and Rumana Regarding S1872/A2810 Tax Credit/Voucher “Opportunity Scholarship Act” Bill

Correspondence to Senator Ruiz Regarding TEACHNJ

History of School Funding:

How To Contact Ridgewood District 40 Legislators

Opinion: Unfunded Mandates Weaken Anti-bullying Efforts

Proposed Amendments to Contracts of District Superintendents

Testimony Before the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee Re: FY 2015 State Budget

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood School Board Legislation and Advocacy

  1. So when the BOE suports gun control who appointed them to speak for the Village?

  2. And were Ridgewood taxpayers consulted over the resolution to lift the supers salary cap?

  3. Since they aren’t about keeping costs down, they have time to vote on resolution after resolution, signifying nothing.

  4. …too bad the BOE doesn’t support academics.

  5. “Consider The Possibility That We Are Led By Idiots”
    Does any rational human being believe these Resolutions are worth the paper they are written on?

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