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Ridgewood School Board Meeting Tonight


April 23,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, At all regular meetings, two opportunities are provided for citizens to make comments. The public comment periods will be scheduled after presentations and approximately 9:00 p.m. or just prior to the end of the meeting, whichever occurs first. The first opportunity may be limited by the presiding officer to conclude at about 8:00 p.m. in order for the Board to continue with its scheduled agenda. The second opportunity will occur at about 9:00 p.m. at the discretion of the presiding officer taking into consideration a break point in the agenda.


At every opportunity for public comment, citizens are invited to comment on subjects on the agenda or general topics.
At the discretion of the presiding officer, public comments may be permitted at other times.

Persons wishing to speak must, upon being recognized, rise, sign in, and state their names and addresses. Each speaker shall be limited to four minutes. The Board Recorder will note the time. A speaker who has not finished in the allotted time will be directed by the presiding officer to summarize quickly and relinquish the floor within 30 seconds.

Comments shall be limited to issues. If personal remarks or discourteous statements are made, the presiding officer shall require the speaker to stop. No person will be recognized for a second time until all others asking to speak have been heard.

The public is invited to attend the meeting, or watch it live on Fios channel 33, Optimum channel 77, or on the “Link in Live” tab of the district website at
April 23 2018 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Location Board Room, 3rd Floor, Education Center


6 thoughts on “Ridgewood School Board Meeting Tonight

  1. This board of education is going to send a lot of seniors away from Ridgewood. Each and every one of us, who will have to sell our home because of corrupt board of education members’s greed, will pray that something similar happens to this board. You can’t live happy if you cause trouble in my life, by raising taxes to fulfill your greed.

  2. You want to see a backlash?!? Keep calling volunteers corrupt. It reinforces the narrative that the Mayor’s supporters are rude bullies. That silent majority all scrolling past your unhinged, inflammatory and increasingly defensive Facebook posts? They vote.

  3. Over One Billion every 10 years..after tax taxpayers Money..take an ax to that pile of special deals..

    but no ,can’t touch that..moving trucks solve this..sadly..

  4. You get money back when you sell your house…the reputation of the schools here will inflate the value of your home

  5. You can disagree with the Board without accusing them of committing crimes. Let’s not push that coming election down the cesspool that the council election is in. Disagree on the issues and discuss. The budget is obviously out of control but that does not mean that the Board is committing crimes. This is a board that didnt even have a competitive election in years.

  6. so 10.16..we tried rolling over and playing fetch it..again..but the bile is coming over the gunwhales of a complete rip off And we Say NO

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