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Ridgewood Schools New Extra Credit Policy

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at the Monday Ridgewood Board of Education meeting The proposed extra credit policy was reviewed .

The new policy involves a fairer and less likely to be viewed as a conflict of interest or fee for grade scheme .

The Board rolled out some new guidelines :

The must be related to current curriculum

Must not involve a monetary fee

After school activities require alternatives

Must be available to all students

Must not be bought or sold

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Schools New Extra Credit Policy

  1. Perfect. Can we move on now please?

  2. When do we get a new Superintendent?

  3. Tis policy only came about after a citizen ad to go to several meetings and the a public forum. The policy is fine. The process sucked

  4. This whole thing was blown WAY out of proportion. Both by the accuser and The Blog. Move on. The majority of the community does not give a hoot about Tertolas daughters problem. Maybe she should have done better in the class to not have to ask for extra credit? Seems logical to me.

  5. people don’t care about paying for grades ??????????????

  6. Uh, no. We do not. Move on.

  7. You mean the boe is embarrased and got caught looking like losers

  8. This is less about “paying for grades” and more about a useless administration lead by a feckless superintendent.

  9. Who is the BOE lackey posting above?

  10. James,
    I love all of your alter egos. Fire the Fish is a good one.

  11. sorry not me , but I agree

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