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Ridgewood Superintendent of Schools Acted on his own in Trustee Term Lawsuit


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on January 18th the Ridgewood blog reported that the Ridgewood Board of Education has launched a lawsuit by trustees with the sole purpose to extend their board  terms .  In Ridgewood Board Of Education Sues to Extend Board Member Terms (  ) the Ridgewood blog reported , “that not wanting to face election in April and looking to extend their term they have launched a Ridgewood taxpayer financed lawsuit against the Bergen County and the New Jersey Commissioner of Education .” The Ridgewood blog has already questioned the  Ridgewood School Board Legislation and Advocacy  on many no reated issues to Ridgewood Schools.

In a series of emails between Superintendent of Schools Daniel Fishbein, and several Ridgewood residents and members of the Village of Ridgewood council in response to the Board of Educations recent eblast , reseidents questioned the BOE ability to launch a taxpayer funded law suit which features no impact on students .

Saurabh Dani said on Facebook the , “Dr Fishebin has replied to our emails and stated that the lawsuit was filed by him without authorization by the board of education. The only beneficiaries of this lawsuit are sitting board members.”

With no plus for Ridgewood students or Ridgewood schools the board’s move has come under harsh criticism from Ridgewood residents . This has become a public relations nightmare for the Board of Education and the Ridgewood school district. It is just the most recent faux pas by district leadership .

 There is no plus or minus for students of the District regarding this issue.  It’s strictly about egos and the Board’s perception that the Council played in the BOE’s sandbox without permission.

18 thoughts on “Ridgewood Superintendent of Schools Acted on his own in Trustee Term Lawsuit

  1. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. Not even the best of comedy writers for Saturday Night Live could make something like this up.

  2. Hmm. I wonder. Once the lawsuit became public and social media users started hammering Board members, did they ask Fishbein to take the fall for them, or did Dan the Man actually pull the trigger himself. I wonder. My money is on Dan being told to take a bullet on their behalf.

  3. There is no way a suprindent would act alone without authorization from the board in a matter that relates to the board members.
    They really think Ridgewood resideny are clueless?

  4. Doesn’t sound the like the Dan that I’ve known for a 40+ years…

  5. Anonymous, if you have known him for 40+ years, and this doesn’t sound like him, then what’s his possible reason to act like this now?
    Is he getting under some pressure to save someone on the board? Why? Why would he put his reputation on line to save politicians?

  6. This is outrageous, egregious, and a violation of our rights as taxpaying citizens in Ridgewood. Fishbein should be FIRED for doing this.

  7. Time to replace the entire board.
    They were supposed to work for us and do the best for our kids. Now they are just a sad bunch drunk with power.

  8. Wait? What in the FU$K is going on here? Fishbein files a suit and expects the TAXPAYERS to finance it? I’m sorry, that’s not going to fly!

    @FISHBEIN – you’re no longer suited to hold that taxpayer financed job. Resign now or face indictment!

  9. Do I have to say it again.
    Fishbein has been a major disappointment.

  10. .
    Don’t worry were RICH and most importantly STUPID.
    We’ll happily do nothing and pay for this.

  11. It’s a proxy lawsuit. Follow the money.

  12. Fishbein did not act on his own. He had the OK from the three board members he told about this – Wilson Smith, Morgan, and Krauss. Brogan and Kaufmann were left out of the loop and knew nothing.

  13. I doubt very much that Brogan new nothing , more likely behind it

  14. Got to agree Brogan has run the BOE for years hard to believe she is not behind this scam

  15. Broagn and Wilson were always sell outs. It’s really hard to believe that Krauss is behaving the way she is in last few months. Morgan used to be fiscally responsible guy not sure why he has flipped.
    What taints them once they are in the office for a few years?

  16. This whole thing smells, and it smells like Brogan! With her passive/aggressive behavior, she wants to be appointed for life.

  17. Residents have received emails from Wilson and Morgan supporting actions taken by Fishbein. So those two are the culprits, not Krauss and Brogan.

  18. No way Scarf Lady knew anything about this….

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