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Ridgewood Taekwondo Athletes 2018 Spring Forward

Ridgewood Taekwondo State championships Results

April 5 ,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, With the turn of the new year, the competitive Taekwondo season has started anew.  What has not changed is the impressive showing by the young athletes at Taekwondo All In, a school that teaches the Korean martial art.  In two state championships – Maryland and New Jersey – the Taekwondo All In students earned  30 gold, 15 silver, 17 bronze, 62 in total.  Moreover, all competing students earned spots to compete at the National Championship to occur in Salt Lake City Utah on July. The following 15 athletes won medals at the Maryland State Championship on February 24, 2018

3 Gold – Emily Kam,

2 Gold  – Kaylin Lee, Tyler Minn  

1 Gold and 1silver – Lianne Shin, Abraham Lee, Ricardo Merino

1 Gold and 1 Bronze – Jenna Slota, Lucas Woods, Timothy Lee

1 Gold – Liam Woods, Kate Minn

1 Silver and 1 Bronze – Riddhima Chandel

2 Bronze – Ryan Kam

1 Bronze – Audrey Kim, Jack Raines  


At the New Jersey State Championship on March 25, the following seventeen gained medals:

2 Gold and 1 Bronze – Kaylin Lee, Emily Kam

2 Gold – Donghyun Kim

1 Gold and 2 Silver – Kate Minn

1 Gold  and 1 Silver – Isaac Yi, Elliott Yi, Lianne Shin, Riddhima Chandel,

1 Gold and 1 Bronze – Lucas Woods, Sunghyun Kim, Taddeo Wang

1 Gold – Liam Woods

1 Silver and 1 Bonze – Tyler Minn, Ryan Kam, Jenna Slota

1 Silver – David Ahn, Elias Chi

1 Bronze – Maximilian Jimenez, Jack Raines


The owner and head instructor of Taekwondo All In Youngmin Kim commented, “This a great start to a new year.  Our athletes have trained diligently all winter and it shows in how they performed at the competitions.  I am very proud of all my students.”

Taekwondo All In, located at 33 Chestnut Street in Ridgewood, is a school that dedicates to teaching the Korean Martial Art, an Olympic sport.  The benefit of learning the sport ranges from better physical conditioning to mental strength and discipline.  For additional information, the school can be reached at (201) 857-0445.

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