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Ridgewood Teachers to Hold “Walk-in” to Protests lack of Contract

Ridgewood Teachers

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Ridgewood NJ, it was is starting to seem like a regular thing the Ridgewood teachers’ union plans to conduct a “walk-in” on the very first day of school to protest working without a contract. The Contract between the district and the Ridgewood Education Association expired on July 1.

The “walk-in” as it is called will take place on Sept. 4, the day before school official starts for students ,a professional day and union members intend to wear red in solidarity.

The issue once again involves medical insurance , the union which represents 560 members, is unhappy with the district’s request for members’ medical history to negotiate lower benefit costs . Union members are uncomfortable with turning over private medical data to a third party.

The district is looking to cut cost on the medial insurance and with taxpayers footing according to the Bergen Record 74% of the premium bill the school system is looking for ways to lower coasts .

In the past the district did a lot of chest pounding only to cave to union demands .

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Teachers to Hold “Walk-in” to Protests lack of Contract

  1. If You Cant Beat Em Leave Em

    Boomers cocked and loaded to get out of this tax and spend town where then spend more of our money is Ok 110million Large (after Tax citizens money ) to protect their medical history
    New Defininition of Insanity

  2. Do the teachers understand their entire medical history is already in the hands of a “third party”,
    the existing medical benefits provider.
    Teachers don’t ever seem to understand the real world.

  3. It’s getting so that district teachers are more often than not working without a contract. Agreements made between the district and the local teachers union more and more deal with years past. Residents are always dealing with disgruntled teachers!

  4. Not worth what you get now,it is long past time that teachers come into the current world and stop living in the past. As for excellence in the school system forget it.Ridgewood high continues to drop in rankings. Give the taxpayer a break and stop always thinking of yourself.

  5. time for the teachers to screw the seniors by withholding letters of reccomendation.
    Do It Fer Da Kidz Money

  6. Agree but they see hopefull thinking and reasoned arguments as in their face and union driven goals.we are not all wall st tycoons here in VOR .many senior retirees aging in place getting drained into poorhouse with commoners

  7. If they are not willing to compromise and accept ways to reduce the tax payers burdens, they can quit to find a better career opportunity elsewhere. Good luck finding that.

  8. Shameless…

  9. I have no sympathy for these union members that have better health insurance than I do -I am a taxpayer who never had kids in the schools.

  10. Yep. Letters of recommendation. That’s a tried and true pressure point. The local teachers’ union is cynically working to peel parents of rising seniors away from supporting a tough/strong board of ed negotiating position.
    So cynical for local high school teachers to pull this same evil stunt every three years. But, it’s like the Geico commercial–“It’s what they do.” (Golf commentators speaking softly, people speaking too loudly on their phones in public– “Hoy, Hoy! Alexander Graham Bell here!”, etc. Those commercials are a riot…)

  11. Well, isnt’ that special! Seems nothing has changed since my day: 1) Reading teacher said he didn’t have to work here — or teach at all — and could do better elsewhere. 2) Math teacher didn’t have time to help after I’d been out sick — “I have 29 other students; figure it out yourself and ask me minimal questions.” For the taxes my parents were paying, I had to teach myself algebra?! 3) Another complained she didn’t earn enough to live in the same town as her students. All should have taken their issues to the union reps and left the kids out of it; wasn’t our place to listen. 4) Some with big, tenured egos acted superior, ridiculing students’ questions. 5) Others didn’t think maintaining order was their responsibility and let the inmates run the asylum; see bullying. Ridgewood had a reputation for being one of the best NJ school systems, but even then, I thought if so, I’d hate to see the worst.

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