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Ridgewood to apply for Bergen County grant for Schedler Park

Roberta Sonenfeld

file photo by Boyd Loving

OCTOBER 19, 2015    LAST UPDATED: MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2015, 10:08 AM

After a lengthy public hearing on Oct. 14, the Village Council decided to move forward with the process of procuring a grant for phase one of the Schedler Park project and accept a monetary gift from the Ridgewood Baseball/Softball Association (RBSA).

The approval of the two resolutions came with the notion of exploring other possible sites for a 90-foot field while scaling down the playing field at Schedler to a 60-foot diamond, which was supported by some residents in attendance.

Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld started the hearing with an update to the grant money available to the village. Sonenfeld reported that Bergen County received a high number of requests and the village lowered its amount to $75,000.

The RBSA also decided to increase the amount offered in its gift to the village to $150,000, Sonenfeld said.

3 thoughts on “Ridgewood to apply for Bergen County grant for Schedler Park

  1. For those that live in the Hawes school area watch out the sports people will be coming soon for a larger field and lights,bleachers,etc.,etc.

  2. Yup, Fast Eddie has had his eyes on Hawes as far back as 1992….

  3. Who will make up the difference between $225k and the actual cost?

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