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Ridgewood Train Station Parking Lot Reconfiguration ,the Grassy Knoll

July 16,2018
the staff of the Ridgewod blog

Ridgewood NJ, we are still having trouble rectifying the fact that resident who are looking to preserve the crabgrass walkway at the train station are the same residents who supported building high density housing, wanted to clear cut Schedler , place turf fields on every corner  and never mentions the two years the porta potty and heavy machinery sat on the “grassy knoll” .

Preserving the “Grassy Knoll ” at Ridgewood Train Station

9 thoughts on “Ridgewood Train Station Parking Lot Reconfiguration ,the Grassy Knoll

  1. Having lived here over 20 years and knowing that I will never get to park in this preferred parking lot, what’s the point??
    Creating another dozen spots???? I still won’t get to park there. The Halaby’s are ridiculous, we get it, but occasionally they can be right.

  2. Is the idea to defeat any idea that didn’t spring from the fertile mind of Paul Aronsohn, however meritorious?

  3. the Aronsohn crew most likely wants to build high density housing on the crabgrass patch

  4. yes and the people who complain about the train parking lot congestion loved the suicide bike lanes

  5. town Citizens fed up with poor managers wasting out tax money ..for compact car constituents Get a life council would. it write that check and neither will we

    We just say No enough screwing around with every bad idea that hits your
    get even agenda..same people will wreck north side of town with Garazilla

    private funding analysis would get blown out in 30 minutes..Towns a Joke

  6. you people hide behind facebook and blogs and never show up to a meeting – if you don’t like the council or BOE or what they are doing show up, i don’t care what side of the street your on or whom you are for or against. Get off your chairs and stand up

  7. Most of the detailed comment indicate actual experience of exiting and entering the station every day either to park or drop off or pickup family members everyday There is an unspoken factor that every train in evenings esp winter where 25 percent of the parked cars all back out within 5 minutes of train discharge amidts daily bikers mopeds motorcycles
    and pedestrians all rushing to the bottleneck on the eastside of the station to make a difficult left or heavy right turn down the underpass while pedestrians take lives into gods hands that they might be seen and not struck down
    by turning cars at everypoint of exit from both sides of the tracks

    More cars and more riders yes housing adds riders make no sense Its a money grab for fat cat top tier permit exploitation .its also Unsafe let then park in garazilla light. Need the permit revenue huh
    ? Howz that working for you dream on VC SAVE THE STATION AS IT IS ITS MAXED OUT

  8. lol love there silly comments from people who have never been to the Train Station

  9. if you want to clear the congestion get rid of the bike lanes

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