file photo by Boyd Loving

March 24,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,last night It was a very predictable, 3-2 votes on anything meaningful and the majority stating all the reasons they were voting yes except representing the people. The leaving council majority aka the 3 amigos are enacting a “scorched earth policy” as they will be gone. Turn out was lower than expected because so many saw the vote as a for gone conclusion.

Zoning vote 3-2
Garage vote 5-0

All 5 voted for the Village to bond the garage not the county., Susan and Mike had no other choice but to vote that way because the council majority aka the 3 Amigos would have just gone to the BCPA. This way Ridgewood may retain control of the size, commuter parking and rates. Mike said something about researching a surcharge for businesses owner that are close to the garage to defray cost of maintenance.

The traffic study spokesman talked about increased traffic in several locations( 2 on Broad) and that is without the consideration of the garage.  He mentioned some additional policing. No one in the garage discussion talked about the need for policing there or the need of an attendant.  I believe I could live with the garage if it was one deck shorter, remained completely on the foot print and the street parking spaces would remain on Broad and Hudson Streets. Local business in those locations will take a hit without them.

Residents again questioned how is it that the council majority refuses to listen to the public? Could it be that they truly are in their own heads and are immune to incoming sounds,like the voices of the residents?

One nuclear physicist spoke wondering how they could be so emphatically certain that the were correct and that the developers could see no cause for concern?  He said nothing is that certain and his world is one of exactness.

Mike and Susan seemed on there game and nobody clapped for Rurik and Jim when pontificated .

For most residents it is just too much development/ construction at once ,Yes these developments will bring traffic. The Hudson garage will not be enough. and the business owners must be salivating  but  most central business district businesses will not survive the construction phase.

Lastly Former Mayor Kieth Killion gets the last laugh , so many voted for this trio ,now buyers remorse .