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Ridgewood Water Expects Additional Wells to Come on Line by Year End

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Ridgewood NJ, according to Ridgewood water July is Smart Irrigation Month, a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use. In the United States, more water is used in July than in any other month. In summer months, outdoor watering accounts for more than half the total water use of a home in our service area. And most water used to irrigate lawns and landscapes ends up evaporating or on paved areas. During #SmartIrrigationMonth take a look into some water-saving tips that will also produce financial savings and preserve our water resources.

At Wednesday Nights Council meeting Village of Ridgewood Manager Heather Mailander , Ridgewood water  35 wells that are operational out of a total of 52 . 8-9 additional wells that are currently not operational  will be operational by the end of the year . That is a 20% increase in wells providing water to the Ridgewood water service area. 

3 thoughts on “Ridgewood Water Expects Additional Wells to Come on Line by Year End

  1. Had my RW water checked for hardness and particles. The lab report indicates that our water in RW has a hardness level of 21 g. They provided neighboring utilities who in the worse case was 7 g. . Water is considered “hard” above 5.

    They also indicated that amount of particles in the water was excessive, 121 per million, far above the next worse at 45 per million. Checking online our untreated water at our tap is on par with third world systems.

    Leaving RW in place with their ineffective management, subpar systems, ridiculous water rules, and terrible product seems to be a huge liability just waiting to turned into a lawsuit.

    Wake up folks

  2. Not to worry…
    They’ll still impose restrictions when the new wells come online.

  3. Just remember it’s a utility company.

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