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Ridgewood Water reminds you July is Smart Irrigation Month

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July 9,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Water reminds you July is #SmartIrrigationMonth. July is Smart Irrigation Month, a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use. In the United States, more water is used in July than in any other month. In summer months, outdoor watering accounts for more than half the total water use of a home in our service area. And most water used to irrigate lawns and landscapes ends up evaporating or on paved areas. During #SmartIrrigationMonth take a look into some water-saving tips that will also produce financial savings and preserve our water resources.

Now is a good time to make sure you’re watering efficiently. A rain shut-off device is an inexpensive gadget to add to your sprinkler system to prevent if from running in the rain. Rain sensors are actually required by law in the state of NJ on automatic sprinkler systems. When it’s hot or windy, more than a third of the water can be lost to evaporation.

9 thoughts on “Ridgewood Water reminds you July is Smart Irrigation Month

  1. Suggest that Ridgewood Water employees have a “Smart Water System Management Month” as well.

  2. If using a smart controller should I still obery the town schedule or can I irrigate at will based on controller rain based schedule?

  3. “Smart Irrigation Month”
    I love how these people repackage failed policies and government restrictions into a virtuous campaign.

  4. Suggest we sell it. The savings on legal fees are cost justification all on their own.

  5. 10:34: once you have registered your system and cleared it with the town, you can ignore the town restrictions.

  6. How about issuing summons to those who ignore the restrictions

  7. Yes what people I turn my water on whenever the hell I want too. That’s why my grass is so great looking. Oh yeah and green too.

  8. I have plenty of water. I have a well.

  9. 7:13 I think you better look at the water restrictions posted this year. Private wells are being held to the same restrictions the rest of us are under. This is another new restriction this year–like 3 times a week became 2. it is a logical restriction as you are drawing water from the same ground water that Ridgewood uses to supply their wells.

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