Letter:to the Editor Ridgewood’s changeable master plan
Friday, July 19, 2013
The Ridgewood News

Ridgewood’s changeable master plan

To the editor:

At the July 2 meeting our town planner, Blaise Brancheau, outlined four reasons for going ahead with multi-family housing in areas not currently zoned that way. Reason number one was that more people would necessarily support the downtown district. Can we see the study that says any of the folks from the Oak Street Apartments, or the other apartments on E. Ridgewood Avenue, truly support the downtown district? If it’s not happening yet with renters in such close proximity, why will it magically happen with new apartments? Please elaborate.

Reason two: We can address the state mandated affordable housing issue. Okay. But what about Mayor Aronsohn saying this should be luxury housing? Is that really compatible? And to this point, doesn’t anyone question “luxury housing” backing up to the noisy commuter train tracks, adjacent to the YMCA with its constant traffic and with the non-luxury Oak Street Apartments as neighbors? Who will buy such luxury accommodations when we all know Location location location is the real estate mantra?

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