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Ridgewood’s Parks & Recreation Department Closes Stable Parking Lot on the Hottest Day of The Year

photo courtesy of Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Boyd Loving pointed out on the “it takes Village “Facebook page that on the hottest day of the year ,” Access to both parking lots at The Stable, 259 North Maple Avenue, was blocked on Sunday, 07/21, by order of Ridgewood’s Parks & Recreation Department. Users of the adjacent Skate Park and deep end of Graydon Pool were forced to park elsewhere. Does anyone know if this policy will be in effect on Saturdays as well, and extend into the remaining weekends of the Summer? Also, was the Village Council notified of the planned “inconvenience to taxpayers” factor?”

The Stable was closed and Graydon had adequate staff , perhaps Parks and Rec can enlighten ?

12 thoughts on “Ridgewood’s Parks & Recreation Department Closes Stable Parking Lot on the Hottest Day of The Year

  1. Nancy Bigos strikes again!

  2. Unbelievable. Only in Ridgewood.

  3. Access to the Butterfly Garden was also blocked. Nice.

  4. Nancy Bigos wanted a concrete pool in 2010 during the controversy.

    Due to shortage of lifeguards Graydon was closed for a time on Friday for swimming in deep area. Swimmers had to swim in the 4 ft area. It was hot on Friday too!!

  5. Steve Diamond must be replaced.

  6. We need to plant some more lifeguards.

  7. Nancy Bigios was probably at healthbarn drinking and forgot to take the cones down

  8. Not enough life guards, over flowing trash cans, her workers smoking in parks and texting in parking lots, throwing money toward a business ( her friend healthbarn) income that parks and recs could be making on their own, blocking off parking spots for residents but letting healthbarn busses park in Graydobs lot during ALL the businesses feild trips

    What is Nancy doing for the town…sounds like NOTHING to me but handing out favors to a NON tax payer. I guess the wine is worth it

    Clean house and start with her

  9. Nancy gets wine and Ramon gets a giant zucchini Hmmmmmmm. What’s Jeff getting?

  10. Jeff is getting his walking papers. July 1, 2020.

  11. Nancy need to go
    The engineer needs to go
    Ramon needs to go
    Jeff should have been gone already
    Heather probably should go

  12. Why are we having so many problems in the parks dept .The past two years we had numerous complaints. Just amazing

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