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Rising Anti Semitism Among NJ representatives

photo Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman voted no on a resolution condemning the movement to Boycott Israel Wednesday, the congresswoman is the latest New Jersey representative to embrace anti-Semitism.Earlier this month, Watson Coleman cosponsored a resolution introduced by Omar that affirmed constitutional protections for economic protests like those employed by proponents of BDS.

A demographic study published in 2015 found that New Jersey numbered among the states with the country’s highest Jewish populations, with 523,950 Jews living here. This  Includes towns with massive Jewish populations like Lakewood , Teaneck, East Brunswick, Monroe, West Windsor, East Windsor, Lawrence, Princeton, Plainsboro, South Brunswick , Highland Park and Scotch Plains

Which begs the question when are New Jersey’s Jewish communities going to face facts and realize the Democratic party is promoting anti Semitism ?

2 thoughts on “Rising Anti Semitism Among NJ representatives

  1. Sadly a lot of Jersey Jews are libs and these days straying away from party line is prohibited. Even if that means voting your own rights away.

    For that matter Americans of all backgrounds have been voting to give up their rights for decades. Cheap energy, right to bear arms to protect you family, right not to have your kids taken away by an army of “social workers” … Americans got fat and sloppy and readily give up their rights to anyone willing to take. And there are a lot of takers. Business elites who arbitrage their cheap factories in China and premium-paying American consumer. The swamp officials who need a platform to make a career in politics…

    Naturally this is not how media portrays these issues, but their customers are corporations, not us.

    Law-abiding, working Americans of all stripes have been marginalised because they stopped fighting for their freedom and prosperity under false impression that this fight has been won. Well, the corporates are offshoring and automating white collar jobs now. It’s not just flyover states anymore. Let’s see what accountants, software engineers and media specialists think once their jobs are sent to India in the name of diversity and inclusion.

  2. Among NJ DEMOCRATS. Why be shy about it.

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