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Road Work Ahead For Some North Jersey Towns


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Allendale NJ, Senator Kristin M. Corrado and Assemblymen Kevin J. Rooney and Christopher P. DePhillips today received news from the state Transportation Department that municipalities in the 40th Legislative District will receive more than $4.3 million for road work and improvements.

“New Jersey’s dense population, combined with our harsh winter weather requires continuous upkeep of our roads and bridges,” Corrado said. “This much-needed state funding will help rebuild and repair the roadways we use on a daily basis. Improving the quality of our local transportation infrastructure without raising property taxes is a win-win.”

The funding from the Transportation Trust Fund is funneled through the DOT’s competitive municipal aid program. The department received 681 applications requesting more than $377.9 million, more than twice the grant money available.

“This is good news for the taxpayers in our district who work hard all year to send money to Trenton,” said Rooney (R-Bergen). “This time, the money is being invested back at the local level for projects to improve the road conditions and the quality of life.”

The most significant local investment is in Little Falls Township, with $700,000 for improvements to the downtown streetscape, and Wayne Township and Riverdale Borough with $1 million between them for roadway preservation.

“These important projects will increase safety,  pave roadways, fill pot holes, and improve commuting for everyone in our district, whether they drive a car, take the bus, or call an Uber,” said DePhillips. “Our municipal leaders should be commended for the hard work and diligence required to qualify for these transportation grants.”

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    Including Ridgewood

  2. Please pave Ackerman Avenue. We know it’s a county road can someone call the county on this.

  3. They jacked up the gas tax and the roads are worse than ever.
    It was public that it went up 37.5 cents….. But silently it went up another 4 cents in the fall since revenue dropped…
    The morons in Trenton caused Gallons sold to drop since the truckers won’t fuel up here unless necessary since it’s not a deal any more.
    This is what happens when the majority of the morons in Trenton are from the shit hole cities that drain the state treasury.

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