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Rollover Accident on the Overpass of Ridgewood Avenue at Route 17 in Paramus

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photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

October 24,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, Paramus Police, EMS, and Fire Company #1 responded to a rollover moving vehicle accident on the overpass of Ridgewood Avenue at Route 17 in Paramus on Tuesday morning, 10/24. The flipped vehicle was righted and removed by a wrecker. All occupants of the vehicle self extricated. No word on the nature of injuries; at least one (1) victim was observed being attended to in an ambulance at the scene.

Paramus Police report Westbound traffic will be completely closed on East Ridgewood Ave. at the Route 17 overpass until further notice due to a motor vehicle accident . E. Ridgewood Ave Closed at Paramus Rd. Until approx. 4:30 pm. Westbound now moving normally.

13 thoughts on “Rollover Accident on the Overpass of Ridgewood Avenue at Route 17 in Paramus

  1. Wow, with volunteers on fire and EMS. If Paramus can do it why can’t Ridgewood?

  2. WOW, if you don’t know the answer to that you don’t know Ridgewood.

  3. WOW 4:17 are you going to volunteer ?

  4. Anonymous October 24, 2017 at 4:17 pm.

    Will we see your application for the position of Volunteer Firefighter or EMT soon?

    Somehow I seriously doubt it.

  5. We all know the village of Ridgewood full-time firefighters do not want anyone to volunteer highly discouraged. That’s why a lot of the retirees from the village are volunteering in nearby towns. The question is how does Paramus, fairlawn do it, The upper management mayor and council should look into this because those towns have a lot more business structures in the village will ever have and the traffic. So tool do not come back with some bullshit story because I’m tired of it. Yes the fire department Emt,s Do a fabulous job. That’s not even the question or concern.

  6. The fire department in the village is one big political hack. Talk about the pink big elephant in the room. Why do they send $1 million fire truck out to some these ridiculous calls. Was that really necessary please explain, because of Mr. Pauly‘s don’t do that. Unless are we doing something very special that the public just on the sting. Explain, please explain because I don’t get it. Public just doesn’t understand this logic. We just Seiyu a waste of money. Please, I don’t come back please don’t come back That I’m saving a tremendous amount of money on my homeowners insurance. Because I’m in the business it’s a few hundred dollars please please stop. Spare us play the violin to someone else.

  7. The Nepotism Committee is not in favor of volunteers.

  8. “That’s why a lot of the retirees from the village are volunteering in nearby towns” What towns would that be 8:57 ?

  9. To the two posters, one at 8:57 pm and 9:05 pm complaining about the Fire Department.
    8:57 pm, No one is discouraged to join the volunteer department. Apparently you haven’t submitted your application or you could not meet the minimum standards to be a volunteer fireman.

    To the best of my knowledge there is only one retiree from the Ridgewood Fire Department who is a member of a volunteer fire department outside of Ridgewood. Not many retirees as you imply. The answer to your question “How does Paramus, and Fairlawn do it. They have residents who chose to volunteer, this isn’t rocket science.
    But in Ridgewood we have people like you 8:57 pm and 9:05 pm who want others to step up and volunteer so you can save a few dollars on your property taxes. Your too busy or way above being a “Volunteer Fireman”. Its a dirty thankless job to people like you but if you can get others to do it great, then you can buy another cup of coffee each day with the money you save.
    So 8:57 pm spare me the vitriol of the Village Residents and their choice to have a paid and Volunteer Fire Department. The majority of Ridgewood Resident support having a Career and Volunteer Fire Department.

    To 9:05 pm, Obviously you do NOT understand what the term ” political hack” means so let me help you out. A political hack is a negative term ascribed to a person who is part of the political party apparatus, but whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction. Clearly that doesn’t apply to the Fire Department.
    You asked, Why do they send $1 million fire truck out to some these ridiculous calls. Try goggling your question and you will see that not only does Ridgewood send a fire truck to what you call “ridiculous” calls but smaller and larger cities do the exact same thing. I would like to know where you got your information about a Fire Engine costing 1 Million dollars? I don’t think that is accurate at all.
    I would love to answer your remaining questions but your sentences make no sense at all. You claim to be in the insurance industry. I doubt that, since most insurance agents are intelligent and are capable of writing correspondence in a logical and comprehendible manner.

  10. And who do I have this pleasure speaking to . It sure sounds you have a lot of Information. What is your title.

  11. I am a Ridgewood Resident 7:53 pm, that is all you need to know. Unless you want to meet to discuss this further.

  12. Hey, 10:12 am, be sure to ask 7;53 pm about his long, outstanding and distinguished volunteer service to the community as a volunteer firefighter. I give 100 to 1 odds that 7:53 pm never has been, or ever will be a volunteer firefighter.

  13. Ahhhh now look what you did! You scared 7:53 pm away…..I guess you embarrassed him by pointing out he has not volunteered to do anything in the Village.

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