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Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Yells at Campus Cops in Car Accident Dispute

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Newark NJ, according to NBC news Rutgers University says the chancellor of its Newark campus has apologized over video that surfaced showing her yelling at campus cops investigating a fender-bender earlier this year.

Nancy Cantor was caught on camera shouting, “I’m the chancellor!” and “If I miss my plane you folks are in trouble!” as campus police investigated an accident involving her driver and a parked police vehicle back in March.

Rutgers said Monday that Cantor has apologized after watching the police video of the incident, which was obtained by NJ Advance Media. The school also said the officers involved “appreciated” Cantor’s apology.

The officers stayed calm throughout the incident. They repeatedly told Cantor and her staff that they couldn’t let her car leave until they gathered details of the accident and got approval from their superiors.

Cantor and her car and driver were eventually allowed to leave for Newark Liberty International Airport. No tickets were issued.

6 thoughts on “Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Yells at Campus Cops in Car Accident Dispute

  1. Entitled A hole.

  2. Disgraceful. Apologized ONLY because of the video. Why couldn’t she just call an uber?

  3. Bitch

  4. She wasn’t as bad as the two other women.

  5. Once again, cops show the world they have more class, restraint and character than the entitled, self-superior self-annointed arbiters of virtue and correctness…

  6. Sometimes you just gotta get out of Newark.
    … I can fully respect and understand that.

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