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Safety Issues Continue to Arise Over Starbucks Drive-Through

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, residents voice concern about almost getting hit by cars crossing double line to go into Starbucks Drive-Through on Franklin Avenue.

It is dangerous ,it is not only dangerous walking but dangerous for cars coming the opposite way . Traffic will only get worse after the high density housing is completed at the former Ken Smith site.

The Village needs to keep an eye on this illegal turn situation before someone gets seriously hurt and we or any other resident wouldn’t wish that on anybody over coffee.

15 thoughts on “Safety Issues Continue to Arise Over Starbucks Drive-Through

  1. Nothing can stop an entitled milf in her monster SUV yapping on a cell phone from getting her overpriced poor tasting Starbucks

  2. You haven’t seen anything. The Kensington, assisted living and memory care, requested to build in Ridgewood on Chestnut St. last night at council meeting. They tried with the previous council. They are trying again because Ridgewood is a wealthy community.

    Can you imagine how over crowded it will be after they build here. The traffic. They will be permitted because they explained how their facility will profit local businesses. Money is the only value here.

  3. Crossing a double yellow line in the village has become common you see it on broad street all the time and the police do nothing. Same on Ridgewood ave.

  4. The Bank drive thru next door to Starbucks on same corner has no (No LEFT Turn RESTRICTIONS at all ) .plus it’s closer to the active corner that has the busy back of stop and shop on the Left side.

  5. Town is LAYED out like Mayberry RFD ( Town Garage) meanwhile it is more likely Daytona Speedway :
    due to the through Traffic ..Franklin is a bottleneck with mega housing
    at the Train station .We deserve everything we get for this foolishness..VC OWN THIS.

    Dangerous today ..just wait until all the housing & extra cars and errands are jammed in..ADD IN Garagezilla discharge when evening Trains all arrive every 15 minutes ..f

  6. Just wait for all the foot traffic They’re going to be working all over the place get ready for accidents.

  7. Police enforcement would help, why can’t the VC make this happen?

  8. Unfortunately, the police are getting primo pay for directing traffic from all the utility work that used to be handled by flaggers. Meter enforcement is big too. They could care less about illegal turns on Ridgewood avenue or left turns on diagonal parking streets. Add jaywalking to the list; if you cross a street, look up from your damn phone and move it!

  9. Allowing that Starbucks drive-thru was a mistake from the get-go. Should have been denied. Someone would have eventually come up with a reasonable use of that property.

    Starbucks application for a drive-thru in an already crowded spot on 17 has been shuffling through the zoning board for a year. Hope they say NO for safety reasons.

    People, make your own coffee. That stuff tasted burned and costs ten times what it’s worth.

  10. Have a cop car parked across the street resolve the bullshit immediately. But get there at 6 AM.Don’t need to write tickets just stand there outside and show force tell people to wake up or get a ticket that’s all. Speak the truth don’t be stupid if so you get a ticket. Thank you

  11. Rules Don’t Apply to Me.
    The Ridgewood Mantra

  12. The police needs to sit across the street and start giving action. Ridiculous. There’s going to be an accident. They know about it if they do nothing that means they are condoning it.

  13. Maybe if they had donuts the police would come.
    Scones aren’t going to fly!

  14. well it’s a very funny today they had a police car sitting across the street. It’s seem to help people were scared about. The cop car sitting there. Just for a note maybe the Village of Ridgewood somehow can get brand new shiny traffic cones . Because the ones that are there now are very dirty and not great.shape. Not bright enough. That may help.
    Thank you

  15. The only think this town cares about is money. They don’t give a damn about the residents. Ridgewood is doomed.

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