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Schedler Park Development in Ridgewood put on hold

Save Our Schedler Members & Friends at the Schedler House

June 2,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the major news from last nights council meeting was that Schedler Park has been put on hold until 2017 and only under the direction of the new Village Council with the use of expert studies.

This is a huge victory for the neighborhood who has been fighting to preserve both the natural environment at Schedler but also preserve the historic significance of the sight .

Neighbors felt the sight was unsuitable for a baseball field for many reasons including the noise from Route 17, parking issues and the lack of road infrastructure ,which they felt would overwhelm the neighborhood.

There was also fears that wildlife habitat would be lost when it was discovered eagles used the area as a food source.

12 thoughts on “Schedler Park Development in Ridgewood put on hold

  1. Sanity is working its way back into Ridgewood.

    29 days and counting.

  2. Great news – one down. Still need to stop Valley, get a more reasonable garage design and lower the allowable density for multi family housing in the CBD. Time for the grassroots organizations to pull together and make it all happen. Please remember to support CRR and CBR in their efforts as there is much work to do on those fronts.

  3. Jimmy’s Old Hood.

  4. I’ve seen the eagle(s) inthe area -they love the trout ! ha : )

  5. This will come back….Fast Eddie still wants to turf the town.

  6. Booooo.

  7. Just say no to turf.

  8. Not sure why the Village is in the business of owning these properties that only benefit a few residents.

  9. 10:17 confirms it, the Village agenda is now the CRR, Friends of Schedler and CBR agenda. It’s great you turned out the votes for a grassroots victory, but Ridgewood is much bigger than just your special interests. I fear we’ve gone from a Village agenda dominated by developers to one dominated by anti-development special interests. There has to be some middle ground or property value increases will continue to lag those seen in other surrounding municipalities like Glen Rock and Tenafly. We cannot just be complacent about all of the eyesores across the Village, we need renewal.

  10. Why is the Village in the business of protecting a bald eagle? How many Village residents does this benefit?

  11. so good that there will be peace and quiet next door to the new mayor’s father’s house.

  12. Please donate to CRR toward its very important and very expensive ongoing legal efforts! Ever hire a lawyer? Hundreds of dollars an hour. Many, many hours.

    The group does not push that hard for money, but we cannot let them pay for this themselves. Please consider giving any amount–small is a lot better than zero. Let’s dig deep so that Valley doesn’t! Once is not enough–this has been going on for nearly a decade and is expen$$$$ive.

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