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June 9,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village Council is looking for residents who are interested in volunteering to serve on the following Boards and Committees: Zoning Board of Adjustment, The Ridgewood Arts Council, the Library Board of Trustees, The Ridgewood Community Center Advisory Board (this member must have a child in the Ridgewood School system), and the Shade Tree Commission.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment hears variance applications and appeals from rulings and determinations arising from the enforcement of Village zoning ordinances.

The Ridgewood Arts Council will assist in the promotion of and encourage artistic and cultural programs and will provide for educational opportunities in the areas of art and culture. The Ridgewood Arts Council will also provide advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Village Council, as needed.

The Library Board of Trustees is the governing board for the Ridgewood Public Library and its employees. The Board of Trustees works with the community to establish Library policy and secures funds to carry on services to the public, and set goals and objectives.

The Ridgewood Community Center Advisory Board develops policies and procedures for the operation of the Community Center facility and assists in the fulfillment of the County Municipal Alliance Grant requirements. The member position open is for a resident with children in the Ridgewood school system.

The Shade Tree Commission works closely with the Parks and Recreation Department, the Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee, and the Green Team to promote awareness and education of the residents as well as advise and provide recommendations to the Village Council in promoting and sustaining a safe and productive shade tree resource.

All interested residents should fill out a Citizen Volunteer Leadership form (found on the Village website by clicking on “Forms”, then clicking on Page 2, and then clicking on “Village Clerk”), and send it along with a cover letter indicating on which board(s) or committee(s) the resident wishes to serve, and a biography or resume to:

Donna Jackson
Deputy Village Clerk
Village of Ridgewood
131 North Maple Ave.
Ridgewood, NJ 07451

Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2018.


  1. Don’t bother. They appoint their people.

  2. I heard Hans want to be on the zoning board

  3. Yep they fire people off the board, or they will change your term to get you off. You get bullied in the meeting and even if you Mahe a recommendation it gets overturned at the VC.

  4. are you really sticking up for that bigoted A-hole?

  5. you mean bigots like Hans?

  6. Time to replace the entire Library Board.

  7. Parents on Facebook starting to rally the troops for Guidance Counselors in all schools. I do not know the exact service that they feel is missing, most feel that the child study team cannot fulfill the job requirement.

    The school system is not a substitute for mental health counseling. We have school nurses but you still need your own primary doctor.

  8. Jeff, you are next. No confidence vote is coming. . .

  9. What board will you be serving on James Foytlin?

  10. 12:38 James is serving on the most important board in the Village of Ridgewood. The board of pubic information. ( Uncensored )

  11. You can learn more about the going on in Ridgewood on this blog then all political appointed board and village press releases.

  12. That is so true I know and learn more from the Ridgewood blog and then any other information line in the village. It’s amazing that I’ve been working for the Village of Ridgewood for over 25 years in village hall and there’s things that are year and come true from the blog. Just amazing

  13. So so very true, that’s because the upper Crow is very dirty. At times they think they’re slick, but really not that bright. That’s why we keep many steps in front of them. Their secret meetings in the Taj Mahal oare not that’s secret ‘ Big brother is always watching.

  14. 12:38. Exactly. Board filled with complainers and sheep that blindly follow.

  15. you meanlike who blindly followed Aronsohn ?

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