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Senator Twitter Cory Booker Launches his “Home Town ” Kick off


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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Senator Cory Booker a Ridgewood favorite , launched his run for president ,in what the Booker promo machine called a “Hometown Kickoff “in Newark New Jersey . The only problem is that Cory Booker is not from Newark, but from the upper class enclave of Harrington Park . The Booker rein as Newark Mayor’s crowning achievement was the defeat of the Sharpe James political machine by beating James chosen successor Ronald Rice in a hotly contested election.

Senator (Twitter ) as he is often called was endorsed by two Democratic National Committee members from New Jersey are formally endorsing Cory Booker’s campaign for president this afternoon, on the eve of Cory’s Hometown Kickoff of his Justice for All tour in Newark tomorrow.Please find below endorsement quotes from Bernadette McPherson and John Graham:“I’ve watched Cory work hard to bring people together as well as take on tough fights and win. He’ll do both for the American people and that’s why he’ll make a great president. I’m proud to formally endorse him today,” said Bernadette McPherson.“Cory’s career has been defined by fighting for justice for people who have been left out or left behind. We need him in the White House fighting to restore justice for all, and I”m excited to endorse his candidacy for president today,” said John Graham. John Graham is the Publisher of InsiderNJ.

Not everyone was having it , NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement regarding Cory Booker’s Presidential campaign kick off today:“I’d like to welcome Hollywood’s Senator, Cory Booker back to New Jersey. If he needs directions or recommendations on accommodations, he can feel free to reach out to the NJGOP for guidance. If his constituents are wondering where he’s been, they can find out here.“In New Jersey, we’re no stranger to watching Senator Booker chase national fame and fandom, but we’re also familiar with his failed record. He is an absentee Senator who has left his state dead last in what we get back from Washington. His agenda of socialized healthcare and out of control taxes will put our country at the back of the pack too.”

14 thoughts on “Senator Twitter Cory Booker Launches his “Home Town ” Kick off

  1. I have a new pack of letter sized printer paper right here. Every sheet crisp, new, and blank. Each of these sheets perfectly represent Booker’s accomplishments throughout his mayoral and senatorial careers.

  2. This guy is a lame a $$ light weight

  3. “Senator twitter” love it

  4. Empty suit, but man, can he Tweet!

  5. Vapid and vacuous

  6. Funny, all the comments above could have been written about trump.

  7. He does have a big fat mouth to go back out Trump. But I don’t think he has the balls in the brain to keep up, not yet he needs more experience.

  8. How’s his fake buddy t-bone??

  9. Funny, all the comments above could have been written about trump.
    Ha Ha
    good one.
    Trump may not be PC, but he’s no lightweight like booker.
    you need to get out more and open your eyes to reality. The rage is clouding your vision.

  10. No rage. I said that the comments above could have been written about trump. Read them. Did not say anything about rage or PC. Stop projecting your thoughts on others.

  11. Ignorance , rage .. its all TDL

  12. “Senator Twitter Cory Booker Launches his “Home Town ” Kick off”

    Here fixed that fer ya…
    “Senator Twitter Cory Booker Launches his “Home Town ” Kick off”

  13. Name one. Just one accomplishment of Booker’s. Ever?

  14. I like when he feigns his self-righteous indignation in interviews & committee hearings. Thanks, Chris Christie, for not appointing a senator when you had the chance.

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