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Sexual Harassment Charges Out Village Employee


March 16,2018

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, A management employee in the Village’s Department of Public Works reportedly resigned yesterday amid allegations of sexual harassment made by a female employee of a company that supplies goods/services to the Village.

Some credence to the unofficial report was provided when the following appeared as a Closed Session item on last night’s Village Council Public Meeting agenda: “Personnel Matter – Department of Public Works.”

Thankfully, the me too movement continues to weed out bad apples.

79 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment Charges Out Village Employee

  1. I love it when the Townies behave poorly. And it always seems to happen during the NASCAR season !

  2. Huh. Before commenting make sure you get the facts right ,

  3. The leaks in the Village are worse the Washington.

  4. The Village needs to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all the leaks

  5. What is the NAME of this (allegedly!) predatory “employee” whom the hard-working taxpayers have been funding? Name names please!!!

  6. The village need ,s to be very careful who they hire .this guy had a bad track record in the last 20 years.

  7. So true , this is so embarrassing to the village . Another big law suite .

  8. This individual is very lucky that he resigned, because he could’ve been fired and ruined for the rest of his career . All kidding aside this individual should not be working at any government Establishments anywhere. He should of never been hired in the village he did not have the experience and knowledge of job and with dealing with people Village work force. he was extremely rude Arrogant obnoxious and stuck up , very Cocky.

  9. Heard that this person was also pressuring a Village employee for sexual favors. Was booted from his previous job as well. No background checks?

  10. What does NASCAR have to do with anything , explain ,

  11. He should of bin drug tested.

  12. Talk about the shit hitting the fan.

  13. I think there’s more going on that being said .I wonder during their investigation did they talk to the work force that he was supervising ?

  14. To 7:35 AM Friday morning. Excuse me about a leak. This is no leak, do you think this was going to be kept quiet or swept under the rug. No way , this shit was going on for a long time. And we are not just talking about the sexual part of it. We’re talking about the harassment that was going on the past two years .this was building up. It was just a matter of time for another major harassment suit. Everyone knew in the village what was going on. So it was no leak. And if anyone in the village thinks that there was no harassing going well go speak to the workforce. They will never ever Amit to knowing what was going on because then they would be condoning it.
    Thank you yours truly .

  15. So 7:35 thats how your going to justify your actions?

  16. Same thing in my village except perpetrators mother is the Mayor. Talk about conflict of interests!

  17. The saddest part about this is when a prospective employer calls the Village for a reference, we will not mention anything about this person’s behavior.


  19. Well 304am , I think by law we can’t slander someone ‘s name . But we can say he’s the ex superintendent of d p w that was hired a year in half a go from Washington Township , yes right next door. What a very bad choice.. god for bid he got his shoes dirty . And we are not kidding by no means.

  20. 304 “””””””””” call the police they know,

  21. What makes this sexual predator differently than the others .Why is name not mentioned?#ME TOO

  22. Maybe there’s more investigation going on. Seems to too many he has a bad reputation. We feel as the taxpayers maybe they should just hire someone within send them to school and train them. We’re sure there’s many individuals that are capable of running The public works.There’s got to be a few senior man another knowledge. That’s all We would rely on.

  23. Others Should watch their ass in village hall. You know who you are with your big Arrogant mouth, you’ll be the next one to resign. I’m surprised a few others weren’t fired for doing and saying stupid things. Us ladies are tired of your shit. You don’t mess with girl power anymore.

  24. Is this person’s name DANIEL KIELY?because he was the superintendent for the village of Ridgwood SHAME on you whoever you are!!!!

  25. This individual was very immature for the position that he held in the village. You cannot hire a boy to do a man’s job. Or vice versa you cannot hire a girl to do ladies job. I’m sure you all would agree with us.

  26. Oh we do.

  27. Seems to me that this individual did it before and gets away with it every time, I wander who does he know!!!!!jSHAME on you!!!!

  28. I don’t know he knows but he sure sounds like a dirty slut. I love the no who recommended him for this job who hired him. What’s wrong with you people don’t you have any kind of judgment. This makes you all look like real jack asses. What a shame what a mess. Oh my God, The village is always in some kind of turmoil.

  29. He’s probably home shiny new shoes, and getting a new haircut. Gigolo,

  30. Can you say next, they come and go don’t die. They never last too long. It’s usually 3 to 5 years you’re done, see ya .

  31. Us women are sick of guys like you, you walk around think you’re hot shit. You are one of these jerks in a bar.

  32. Hi hope his wife shows some respect for herself by show him the front door and change the locks

  33. I heard that this Individual is going back to work for the DPW of township of Washington right next town over.Does anybody know?

  34. I heard that this Individual is going back his old job Township of Washington DPW.How can tha be true!!!!

  35. We Heard that rumor to don’t know if it’s true or not. But that’s where he worked before Ridgewood. What a jerk. I’m more concerned about the people who hired him, and how he got away with this and harassing workers. The villages very lucky that this guy is gone, because this would’ve been a Nother major lawsuit. All we can say is that the village dodged a big bullet this time. We employees will not Tolerate this at all anymore .

  36. I have a feeling this guy pays to get his shit put under the rug.Shame on those who hire him.Show some respect for your employees #TIMES UP

  37. Yes.
    Thank. You ‘

  38. Kudos to the Ridgwood’s department of public works #TIME’S UP

  39. It’s amazing that some people can’t keep their mouth’s shut , they don’t think before they talk.
    Oh. Well , toot aloo ‘

  40. The ones that should be scared are the ones that were riding around with him for two hour lunch ‘s , they knew that that was wrong. Under investigation there on camera nailed. They don’t look that smart now do they. You see what happens when you kiss ass, talk about a big bite in you your own ass . A few of you look so stupid. We were watching the camera You nailed
    We love it.

  41. Does anyone know if he got hired by the Washington Township or not? I hope he didn’t they don’t need a bad apple there since they got a good team working there right now

  42. So you know they’re not kissing ass !!! He didn’t wanna be only bad guy and took them along as a shield since he was the boss.Not stupid but a hard working people

  43. So you know they’re not kissing ass !!! He didn’t wanna be only bad guy and took them along as a shield since he was the boss.Not stupid but a hard working people

  44. So you know they’re a hard working team and they are not stupid He as a boss shouldn’t dragged them,but he didn’t wanna be the only bad guy SHAME ON HIM

  45. FYI they not scared and they are not stupid!!!They are hard workers that he used them,he was the boss and they listened to him

  46. Bullshit bullshit some know what he was doing bullshit. All the new blood was kissing his ass, they had no respect for other supervision. Now they’re walking around with a tail between There legs. And if anyone thinks Different let’s meet up any place any time punk.

  47. he was a Juce head . What a waste of time And aggravation.

  48. They were scared and yes they were stupid because they knew what was going on. So what you’re saying is if I tell you to go jump off a cliff you will because I’m your boss, really smart thinking, real smart comment. The guy was a troublemaker, a bully, and his cameras and Security system got him. Talk about karma. He was a sick bastard. He went after people get things that should’ve never happened. And a few upper management look the other way they should be a shamed by themselves. But that’s OK because the Eye in the Sky is watching them now. It’s all been documented.

  49. The ones that one drinking with him What he has kisses. Amazing isn’t it, now they all put their head in the sand. Just like an ostrich right, right, right.

  50. Wow what was roung with them. It’s amazing how people change phony baloney’s. What shit heads.

  51. They’re still there and where is he?whos the smart one?😃👍haha

  52. Yes so true, but know we all know who was the ass suckeker’s . Right ! , so now are they going to suck off now . Time will tell. So ha’ha’ 😂 on them because the cat is out of the bag .

  53. Haha we love it. So very true . It’s amazing how
    they became, didn’t even talk about it. They must feel so stupid. If not they look it .

  54. Who is he concerned mother

  55. Huh what ‘

  56. Yeah you kiss ass . talk about back firing back in your face. Now go to the bar !

  57. What about the ones that went out to lunch with him . Hahaha. We didn’t get yet. Look where he is now . Juice boy

  58. He was the biggest Foul ball The of Village of Ridgewood ever hired
    Right J. S. . You fools screwed up big time.

  59. Hey Dan how was the ghost and goblins !! I hope you’re sleeping with the light on.

  60. Haha’ this is great. The candy man.

  61. Hey ass hole what’s with the face, you jerk off !

  62. You jackass .
    Next ? Burger King

  63. It’s amazing how one person can screw up multiple departments in one year. Who the hell hire this guy. This individual caused such unnecessary stress and aggravation throughout multiple departments. And yet upper management just standby in disbelief . Until he shot his mouth off to the other sex. We will never swallow it. Whoever hired this individual should be ashamed of themselves. Because they made such a big mistake and now if you noticed well you know.

  64. You should come back and say sorry ‘

  65. He caused so much trouble, who hired him. What were they thinking of.

  66. Hey dan You were just thinking of you. Having a very good laugh at the bar. You were three-time loser. We wish you were here right now so I can tell you to kiss our ass.

  67. Oh yeah how’s that surveillance working out for you.

    You dop !

  68. Dirty game did not work !

  69. If the person was Daniel Kiely, then we paid him $88,000 per year. That seems like a lot for that job (not to mention his sexual indiscretions).


  70. He was the biggest bullshit artist going. He new Zipp! The only thing he new was hey bud What’s for lunch.

  71. Haha’ that’s funny ‘ hey bud what did you do with all the oven cleaner. We all would love to know.

  72. I heard karma caught up to this loser. His wife divorced him and took him for everything he had!

  73. Oh fucking well. No one cares. He was the biggest scum bag in Ridgewood who the fuck hired him.That shows a lot for them. My God Ridgewood has a bad track record dont they. He should’ve stayed in Washington Township. Oops they had a party when he left.Hey bud what’s for lunch

  74. He is a stupid uneducated loser who has nothing better to do in his life than to harass others who are way better than him. I’m surprised anyone would even be friends with this guy. He is a Snitch, Liar, Steroid Taking son of a bitch who is lucky to be alive after the stunt he pulled with the Ridgewood officials.

  75. Who did this jerk snitch on. All we know is that the majority of money he spent on equipment is not even being used. The jerk did not want to listen to anyone he was a troublemaker. The bottom line is so many other individuals had so much more experience than. He did. He harassed a lot of people. And upper management look the other way. Instead of correcting the problem that was him. Amazing what kind of damage he did in a year and a half. The people who hired him to be ashamed of themselves. What a big mistake.

  76. Hey Dan look what’s going on now in the village of Ridgewood. What are you doing for lunch buddy

  77. Hey Macy’s boy. !

  78. You should be proud of you for causing such a mess. In your short visit. The place is worse than ever. And the people who hire you should be such a shame of them selves.

  79. Yo bro, you should really move out of the state start looking for a job in Bergen county especially, well you know why.Come on bud.

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