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Shade Trees Come Down Along the Ridgewood Train Station

photos courtesy of Bill

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village of Ridgewood has removed several shade trees c along the Ridgewood Train station .

The Ridgewood Train station is a major New Jersey Transit rail station hub. It is located in downtown Ridgewood in the Central Business . It is served by the NJT Main Line as well as the Bergen County Line. Ridgewood is one of two transfer options presented at the time of ticket purchase (Secaucus Junction is the other) and is widely used for that purpose.

The Erie Railroad built the Ridgewood station in 1916 as a grade-separated elevated station. It has been listed in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places since 1984 and is part of the Operating Passenger Railroad Stations Thematic Resource.

Ridgewood Train station survived a major $40 million renovation project in which high-level platforms were installed. The project moved forward after the Village and New Jersey Transit agreed to work together and preserve the historic station.

The renovation  allows for easier boarding, as customers are now able to walk directly onto the train from the platform instead of having to climb into the train cars using their steps, as well as making Ridgewood station handicap accessible.

As part of the reconstruction, the side platform along Track 1 was demolished to make way for an island platform that would also serve Track 3 and replace that track’s side platform, which was fenced off. Wheelchair ramps were installed on both high level platforms and  in a major faux pas elevators were installed  to carry passengers from the platforms to the floor of the underpass on Franklin Avenue. Access to that underpass entrance is completely non ADA compliant with no wheelchair access.

17 thoughts on “Shade Trees Come Down Along the Ridgewood Train Station

  1. Uh oh…did anyone check with Ellie before doing this work ?

  2. Those butchers vs the legacy trees..shame..

  3. Good news

  4. The council chooses which trees to come down based on political reasons. THERE ARE NO ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. There is a PRETENSE of environmental concern.

    Owning a car will become obsolete in about five years, so who needs a parking garage.

  5. This is heartbreaking. Those trees were beautiful and gave the whole station a pretty image. Shame on those who decided to kill those trees. SHAME.

  6. great photo team

    notice the last proud tree standing tall to shout out what shall come when we brutalize nature for 8 extra Mimi cooper stalls…for what money we do these things .run 3 shuttle busses up and down main streets from 630 am to 915 and 530 pm to 8 pm

    people will walk that last quarter mile to their homes off the fee shuttles

  7. Shade Trees Come Down To Make Way For Glorious New Tractor Factory”

  8. Hey ASS*&^%$ police overtime does not get calculated into their pension. Sell you BULL%^& sone where else.

  9. heartbreaking? Give it up. A couple of scrawny trees. You assholes are getting the parking you so desperately want. And this is much less of an eyesore than the Aronsohn Garage will be.

  10. “Extra duty work bonanza. Gotta find ways to get the senior officers OT in their last three years before retirement to pump up the pension. Scamming taxpayers every chance they get 🐷🐽🐖”

    “It is a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,/ Signifying nothing.”

  11. Hey Anon, then you won’t have any issues giving the extra duty work to “specials” then, right? Oh, wait… 🐽🐷🐖

  12. No problem but Im sure you will find something else to bitch about when it come to the police dept and keep using the emojis show how much of an ass you are.

  13. Hey Emoji Boy I guess you don’t have any problem accepting the Muller report .

  14. Thank goodness the green stripe in the road has been preserved.

  15. RE: “Hey Emoji Boy I guess you don’t have any problem accepting the Muller report .”
    OMG… there is a truther in our midst.

  16. Yep, another stupid decision that makes you wonder about this council and its priorities. Really bad decision to make the downtown look uglier just for a couple of parking spots. But, I guess someone has to continue Arohnson’s job of turning our downtown into a wasteland.

  17. What a disgrace. I was shocked and disappointed to see the trees at the train station being cut down on a Sunday.Where are all the “environmentalists” ? Ridgewood…Tree City no more!
    OT for Ridgewood employees while taxpayers are burdened more every year from the state and the town.

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