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“Smart Meters “Are Coming to a Town Near You


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, you think parking is difficult in Central Business District now, just wait. A bill is now before the Senate to make “smart meters”  which are now part of a pilot program in Palisades Park legal throughout the Garden State.

The “smart meters” work by snapping a picture of the license plate and the car after their meter runs out. Weeks later, a ticket is delivered to their front door.”We now can free up traffic officers time to do other stuff like drink coffee talk on their cell phones while driving and visit dunkin donuts ” , just kidding guys . 

Officials say the parking meters will become a tool for law enforcement. With cameras on the back and front, the meters could be able to pull video evidence should something happen on the sidewalk or street. No need to hire up Police and those costly benefit packages .

Palisades Park officials say there’s an increase in parking tickets because of the 30 meters they have installed. 

3 thoughts on ““Smart Meters “Are Coming to a Town Near You

  1. Is an increase in parking tickets necessarily what we want?

  2. might as well burn the towns downtown in a hippie festival ..great crowds one night

    longer term blight and despair

    what ass proposes this anti customer scenario ?current meters and enforcement crew does enough damage ..

  3. “Checkmate is coming NOW!”

    ~ Professor Curtis Bennett,
    March 18, 2019.’Professionals Speaking Over Expertise on EMF Exposure Undermines Universities, Medicine, All Jurisdictions Creating Catastrophic Liability Regardless of Intent’ #EMF #RF #Wireless #Microwaves #Medicine #Universities #Jurisdiction #Liability

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