7:30 AM PDT 4/18/2017 by Seth Abramovitch

Known for his impressions of Frank Sinatra and David Letterman, the conservative radio host plans to enter the gubernatorial race in November.

First came Al Franken. Will Joe Piscopo be the nextSNL alum to join the political fray?

The witty wiseguy — famed for impressions of Frank Sinatra and David Letterman from 1980 to 1984 — may heed the call of his AM radio listeners, mostly blue collar conservatives, to enter the New Jersey gubernatorial race in November. “They say, ‘You should run. You’ll rip it up!’ ” says Passaic-born Piscopo, 65. “And I’m like, ‘Who would want this job, really?'”

A lifelong Democrat, Piscopo switched teams in 2016 when he backed Donald Trump for president. (“I wanted somebody out of the box,” he says.) Ask him how he feels about POTUS’ performance so far, however, and he not-so-deftly deflects: “I’m more concerned with — and this is the answer to that question — what’s going to lower property tax in New Jersey.”