Sommelier reveals why you should ALWAYS choose the cheapest wine from the menu at restaurants (and the reason will surprise you)

Restaurants know diners will buy wines in the second or third cheapest slot
Sommelier Mark Oldman says best value wine is often the cheapest on the list
He said wines one above the cheapest will have been marked up to target diners

By Imogen Blake For Mailonline

PUBLISHED: 06:00 EDT, 13 March 2017 | UPDATED: 11:49 EDT, 13 March 201

If you thought you had been outsmarting restaurants by plumping for the second or third cheapest wine on the list, then think again.

Contrary to popular belief, the wines one or two above the cheapest at a restaurant is no more likely to be of better quality or value than the lowest priced glass or bottle on the list, according to sommelier Mark Oldman.

He says restaurants know diners will often opt for one above the cheapest, and will place wines with higher mark-ups in these coveted slots.

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