March 19,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  while the mainstream media made much of the Irish Prime Minister claiming Saint Patrick is the symbol, “the partron of immigrants”. The truth however could not however be further ,and if so illegal Immigrants are in big trouble .

The truth comes from Saint Patrick himself through the chance survival of two remarkable letters which he wrote in Latin in his old age.

The real Saint Patrick was not Irish at all, but a spoiled and rebellious youth of Roman citizenship living a life of luxury in fifth-century Britain.  Saint Patrick was kidnapped from his family’s estate as a teenager and sold into slavery across the sea in Ireland.

For six long years he endured torture and brutal conditions as he watched over his master’s sheep on a lonely mountain in a strange land.

Saint Patrick went to Ireland an atheist, but there heard what he believed was the voice of God. When he finally escaped and risked his life to make a perilous journey across Ireland, he found passage back to Britain on a pirate ship.

His family welcomed back their long-lost son with open arms and assumed he would take up his life of privilege, but Saint Patrick heard a different call. He returned to Ireland to bring a new way of life to a people who had once enslaved him.

There he  became a warrior ,constantly faced opposition, threats of violence, kidnapping, and even criticism from jealous church officials, while his Irish followers faced abuse, murder, and enslavement themselves by mercenary raiders. But through all the difficulties Saint Patrick maintained his faith and persevered in his Irish mission.

The Ireland that Saint Patrick lived was utterly unlike the Roman province of Britain in which he was born and raised. Dozens of petty Irish kings ruled the countryside with the help of head-hunting warriors while Druids guided their followers in a religion filled with countless gods and perhaps an occasional human sacrifice.

Saint Patrick was not an illegal immigrant but a kidnapped slave forced into servitude , To quote Democrat Senator Bob Menendez says on Twitter what may have felt is the real purpose for illegal immigrants the Senator commented on Twitter, “A #DayWithoutImmigrants means Senators & Senate staff couldn’t get their coffee because immigrants are part of our everyday lives” . Associating Saint Patrick  with illegal immigration simply implys the illegals are here as seconclass citizens to shine your shoes, cut your lawn and make your coffee.