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Starbucks hit by ‘cascade of negativity’ after ordering staff to talk racism with customers: Vice President forced off Twitter as angry public turns on ‘patronizing’ project


Starbucks hit by ‘cascade of negativity’ after ordering staff to talk racism with customers: Vice President forced off Twitter as angry public turns on ‘patronizing’ project

Howard Schultz, boss of Starbucks, told baristas to write ‘RaceTogether’ on cups in an effort to stimulate debate about racism
Twitter users quickly branded the campaign ‘patronizing’ and ‘cringe-inducing’, and subjected executives to a wave of mockery
One user pointed out that no black people featured in publicity photographs for the campaign
Corey duBrowa, a Starbucks PR executive, was forced to delete his Twitter account as he felt ‘overwhelmed by the volume and tenor of the discussion’


PUBLISHED: 03:51 EST, 18 March 2015 | UPDATED: 11:07 EST, 18 March 2015

Twitter has ruthlessly mocked Starbucks campaign for the company’s new anti-racism campaign in which baristas talk to customers about race issues while serving their coffee.

One user tweeted, ‘I don’t have time to explain 400 years of oppression to you & still make my train’, while another pointed out, ‘y’all realize there are no coloured hands in the press photos right’.

A third speculated, ‘maybe Starbucks actually wanted to get people of all races & ethnicities to join hands and make fun’.

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11 thoughts on “Starbucks hit by ‘cascade of negativity’ after ordering staff to talk racism with customers: Vice President forced off Twitter as angry public turns on ‘patronizing’ project

  1. Android’s “Be together,not the same” commercials are grets. They are fun and mot preachy
    Do you really want to discuss race with a barista?

  2. They should stick to selling there bitter overpriced coffee.

  3. At least when religious groups knock on your door to discuss , they offer you a free book!

  4. Here’s some fuel for the fire. Does anyone else notice that there is rarely any media coverage about discrimination of any other group that even comes close to the hype provided for the race-baiters that soak up the camera and $$$ today? Pick any “oppressed” group. I’m no historian, but did any of these groups destroy, on a continuous basis, their own communities with riots, fire and other illegal activities? And at the same time have their own media darlings who benefitted as a result. It appears that the groups who experienced such a plight improved themselves and their peers, or are in the process of this. There are already laws on the books. At what point is society no longer to blame and personal responsibility becomes necessary?? This is a genuine question, so looking forward to informative responses rather than personal attacks. I don’t like Starbucks coffee either, but perhaps it succeeded with initiating productive dialogue by the people rather than the media.

  5. That looks like Frank heading into Starbucks for a brew….

  6. On a related note, one of the baristas of african decent at our starbucks is quite attractive.

  7. Here’s some race-related banter by Colin Flaherty. ENJOY!

    Public school officials in Chicago have found a way to deal with the whole black anger and violence thing in a way that seems to make them less angry and violent. At least for a while.

    A large group of black students recently gathered there to talk about how black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism, all the time, everywhere and that explained everything. They did it during a “Black Lives Matter” assembly, without the presence of another troublesome group: White people.

    The local papers were happy to go along with the school superintendent who said excluding white students would make it easier for black students to express their racial resentment and hostility. “Principal Nathaniel Rouse, the assembly’s organizer, said he thought black students would speak more freely among members of their own race, a model known as affinity grouping,” said the Pioneer Press.


    A new euphemism is born: Affinity grouping!

    For anyone complaining about this separate but equal affinity, school officials have answers for that too: “Not everything is about us,” English teacher Paul Noble told the Pioneer Press. “Not everything needs to have our stamp of approval, much less our participation. Can we just check our white privilege for a minute? I don’t know why a white affinity group is necessary to make a black affinity group palatable.”

    One white parent, Karen Steward-Nolan, made bumper stickers in support of the racially segregated assembly: “She understands some parents felt their children were aiding the cause of black students by wanting to participate in the assembly,” said the Pioneer Press. “The important part of being a white ally is to know when to be quiet and listen,” she said.

  8. Diversity of thought is the most socially beneficial form of diversity.

    Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis. Repeat. This is the very definition of social progress.

    “Small is the number of them that think with their own minds, and feel with their own hearts.” (Albert Einstein)

    Diversity of skin color is a dying distinction over which paleoliberals, thugs and other hustlers are obsessed, solely for their own benefit. Someday we’ll wake up and find ourselves rid of them. What a blessed day that will be!

    OTOH cultural distinctions are both particularly sticky and extremely consequential. The in and outs, ups and downs, benefits and drawbacks, of cultural diversity are therefore demonstrably worthy subjects of national discussion.

    Race? Not so much.

  9. who cares, the place is a rip off.

  10. They should write them on the cups at the Starbucks in Selma and Ferguson… oh, wait a minute, Starbucks doesn’t have places there… what a bunch of white guilt bull… hey Schultze, open up a few in those 2 places….

  11. over price shit yuppy crap. what did all these people drink before. 7 / 11 , yup. what a waste of money.

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