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Stop the Madness. No More Throwing Taxpayer Money in the Street

enator Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth)

Ridgewood NJ, After seeing salt covering New Jersey roads today, despite the fact that temperature is not supposed to drop below 37 degrees Fahrenheit over the next few days, Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth) said that “enough is enough” and demanded that the State put an end to the practice of unnecessary brining.

“It’s time for someone to challenge Governor Murphy’s assertion that this is a pennies per mile cost: it’s not. There was simply no way that a .17 per mile number was an accurate reflection of the cost to brine our roads when you account for labor, gas, and equipment. After speaking with a few of local officials we were able to confirm that the actual cost in totality is in excess of $12 or $13 per mile locally – and that is for areas that are more conservative with their usage of salt and brine,” O’Scanlon said.

“The administration has publicly stated that they use 65 gallons of brine per mile. It seems more likely that .17 is the cost per gallon of the brine materials alone. But with the amount of gallons the State is using, at that rate, it actually costs $11.05 per mile in materials alone, not .17 cents. That is a hugely misleading statement to our taxpayers, whether it was knowingly misleading or not. In fact, the overall total cost per mile with materials and labor is almost a 7,000 percent increase from what the Governor is on record as saying.

“There is no question that the State is over-brining the roads. People around New Jersey praise Monmouth County for managing and mobilizing their storm response the right way and being conservative with salt usage. Yet there have been at least a dozen times this winter so far that Monmouth County wasn’t brining roads, when the state was. There is obviously something wrong there.

“We can’t be out here making jokes about New Jersey being the ‘Brining Capital of America’ when we are continuing to add to our structural deficit with this cost. Last year, our winter weather response it cost us more than $100 million, and that was before we started this new policy of dumping resources every time the temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

“My goal is not to criticize the attempt to prepare. Obviously we should be preparing and responding to winter weather for the safety of our residents. But this level of waste isn’t preparation. When we mislead people about the rate at which the administration is setting taxpayer funds on fire by nearly 7,000 percent, that is not a joke. That is tragic.”

7 thoughts on “Stop the Madness. No More Throwing Taxpayer Money in the Street

  1. All I can say ass a science professor this material is destroying our roadways. Yes it might save a very little bit of using salt. But really in the end it’s not it’s costing us so much more and other repairs. You Can you talk to an average repair shop they would tell you that yes it’s eating away at fuel lines brake lines and all sort of metals on cars. Contractors love this because they know it is destroying all the infrastructure it’s guaranteed work for them In the end. People just go for a ride and look at all the potholes more than ever. Upper management has no idea they been fooled.

  2. This is how we know how the municipalities overdid it this winter: More people drowned in brine than got into car accidents from excess snow and ice. Look it up. 😉

  3. We would like to know how much the village of Ridgewood spend this year on Soll priming the roads that’s buying the material paying the work power and where in tear on the vehicle that is spreading the material on the ground. Then let’s talk about the damage that it’s causing because that juice is all over my car. The politicians think this is a magic wand they were sold on a bullshit story. The sales people sold them to Brooklyn Bridge many years ago they stated that it will melt the first 3 inches of snow while it’s not doing that maybe a little glaze in my mouth that’s about it. Fools. I know the car wash is making a lot of money.We would like to know is the village of Ridgewood making their own or buying it from somewhere please explain thank you taxpayers

  4. I think we need comments from the director of the DPW. We believe that person will explain in full detail the science behind it. Not stating he’s a Scientist, but we need an exclamation . Thank you
    Trump 2020 .

  5. It doesnt do squat and destroys plants and ruins the water

  6. a lot of money wasted by residents on buying SUVs with 4WD

  7. What the hell is wrong with
    The managers here in Ridgewood . Complete mismanagement .

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