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Stopping by Van Dyk’s

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, we started a bit of a hub bub over ice cream , so we took a break from the blog yesterday to hit up Van Dyk’s in Ridgewood . Van Dyk’s has been around for ages and is one of those places that makes Ridgewood , Ridgewood.

Considered by many to be the “best ice cream” in Bergen County if not all of the Northern New Jersey area. they literally make the perfect homemade ice cream: not too sweet, not too rich, and the texture is the perfect balance between soft cream and hardness. and you can’t beat their prices!! roughly $4-$5 for a double scoop and the portions are extremely generous.

Van Dyks is an institution around here . If you have never been the place looks like a house from the outside so it’d be easy to miss if there wasn’t a huge line on warm summer nights. They have a good mix of traditional and more creative flavors.

7 thoughts on “Stopping by Van Dyk’s

  1. Better get to the gym after consuming that….

  2. What, no sprinkles???

  3. What flavor is that? Mocha?

  4. Oreo cappuccino it was excellent

  5. I remember when Van Dyk’s was Raffetto’s. I think a single dip cone was around 10 or 15 cents in the very early 50s. I also remember when it changed hands became Van Dyk’s. It’s nice something of old Ridgewood remains. Raffetto’s, Van Dyk’s, and Terwilliger & Wakefield offered the best ice cream around. Thanks for prompting fond memories. The ice cream still looks delicious.

  6. Love that place , also think Mikes is a great addition to the wood

  7. The most dangerous parking lot in Ridgewood. Watch your kids closely if you go there.

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