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Super Food Kale is one of the most pesticide-contaminated vegetables

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Ridgewood NJ, touted as a highly nutritious super food , kale has joined the list of 11 other fruits and vegetables known to be “dirty,” according to an analysis by the Environmental Working Group.The watchdog group publishes its “Dirty Dozen” list annually, in which it ranks the 12 produce items that contain the highest amount of pesticide residues. The group analyzes data from the Department of Agriculture’s regular produce testing to determine the list. Ranked alongside kale on the list are strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery and potatoes.

Nearly 70 percent of the produce sold in the U.S. comes with pesticide residues, according to EWG’s analysis of test data from the Department of Agriculture for our 2019 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™.

According to Environmental Working Group, USDA tests reveals that the popular health food kale is among the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. More than 92 percent of kale samples had two or more pesticide residues detected, and a single sample could contain up to 18 different residues. The most frequently detected pesticide, found on nearly 60 percent of kale samples, was Dacthal, or DCPA – classified by the Environmental Protection Agency since 1995 as a possible human carcinogen, and prohibited for use in Europe since 2009.

Overall, the USDA found 225 different pesticides and pesticide breakdown products on popular fruits and vegetables Americans eat every day. Before testing, all produce was washed and peeled, just as people would prepare food for themselves, which shows that simple washing does not remove all pesticides.

The USDA had not tested kale for almost a decade. But even as its popularity as a food rich in vitamins and antioxidants has soared, the level and number of pesticide residues found on kale has increased significantly. EWG’s analysis places kale third on this year’s Dirty Dozen™, our annual ranking of the fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides.

4 thoughts on “Super Food Kale is one of the most pesticide-contaminated vegetables

  1. That sh$t tastes like grass

  2. Damn’t!!!! And I mean Damn’t. You are reporting the EWG (Environmental Working Group) INCORRECTLY and are doing it on purpose, I would guess. Eating these fruits and veggies ORGANIC
    is what they are advising and what I have been doin for forty years.
    HAIL KALE AND THE DIRTY DOZEN AS LONG AS IT IS ORGANIC, ORGANIC, ORGANIC. That is what the dirty dozen list is all about. To let you know what to buy organic. HEY, I don’t buy new clothes very often, I am a senior gal on a fixed income, BUT for MANY YEARS I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING EWG and eatin the organic fruits and veggies on a DAILY BASIS, and HEY HEY!! MY HEALTH AND ENERGY ARE GREAT. and HEY HEY, I wonder why you want to and obviously HATE EWG. VERY BAD OF YOU AND SAD AND AGAINST THE PUBLIC INTEREST. EVERY DAY I EAT ORGANIC KALE AND ORGANIC APPLES APPLES,STRAWBERRIES, ORGANIC PEACHES etc. : AND GUESS WHAT. WHEN YOU EAT THESE FRUITS AND VEGGIES on a regular basis, veggies lightly steamed, you love the taste. YOU LOVE GOD’s NATURAL FOODS. AND that is the BEST, THE ONLY SINCERE WAY to WORSHIP OUR LORD, by loving and celebrating what he hath provided in natural fruits and veggies and nuts and legumes. And what THE LORD HATH PROVIDED GIVETH HEALTH and that is the ONLY ONLY ONLY way to lower health care costs. AMEN AMEN AMEN

  3. continued from above. Also every store Stop & Shop , Shop Rite and others sells these fruits and veggies organic. THE ONLY INVESTMENT FOR YOUR HEALTH IS TO EAT THESE EVERY DAY ORGANIC FORM. A half hour of exercise without these ORGANIC fruits and veggies will do nothing for you.

  4. If you put enough salad dressing, tomatoes, onions, eggs, bacon, and cheese on it it is an edible salad.

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