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Suspicious Activity at Ridgewood Bus Terminal caught the Attention of Ridgewood Police Officer

Suspicious Activity at Ridgewood Bus Terminal caught the Attention of Ridgewood Police Officer

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

October  18,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in the second major incident today suspicious activity of an undisclosed nature taking place at the Ridgewood Bus Terminal caught the attention of Ridgewood PD Patrol Officer Jack Knudsen on Wednesday morning, 10/18. Following questioning, an adult male was taken into custody by Knudsen and Patrol Officer Joseph Dibenedetto when a computer check revealed at least one (1) active arrest warrant was associated with the man’s name and driver’s license number. The prisoner was transported to Ridgewood PD headquarters for processing




18 thoughts on “Suspicious Activity at Ridgewood Bus Terminal caught the Attention of Ridgewood Police Officer

  1. He’s a suspect not a prisoner.

  2. Let’s build a Ginormous Garage… that should cut down on shady characters and criminals coming to RW….

  3. Every day the suspicious activity at the bus station, you have a shoe screwballs who get on and off these buses all day long. Old news.

  4. Actually…..he’s a prisoner. Under arrest for an active warrant now makes you a prisoner.

  5. The individual was subsequently transported to BCJ – he’s a prisoner now my friend.

  6. The bus lot is a dump. It’s so dirty, and the place is falling apart. Who owns that building

  7. Was he wearing a bear costume or a fat vest?

  8. Why, that officer’s name sounds familiar. Where have I heard that name, hmmmmmm…..

  9. He’s a suspect until he is convicted of a crime and then sent to prison. Then he’s a prisoner. A warrant is just the first step in due process – it’s not a conviction.

  10. hence the advice of the supreme court – remain silent. NJ is NOT a stop and ID state. You are under no obligation to ID yourself unless you are arrested for a crime. Suspicion is not a crime.

  11. Kudos to officer Knudsen for what he felt was suspicious activity and then acting on it. Officer Knudsen was doing his job in trying to keep Ridgewood a safe place. We have a great PD and we can all sleep better at night knowing they are working to keep us safe.

  12. Your half right 7:29

    A prisoner, (also known as an inmate or detainee) is a person who is deprived of liberty against his or her will. This can be by confinement, captivity, or by forcible restraint. The term applies particularly to those on trial or serving a prison sentence in a prison.[1]

    ( Ones he is hadcuffed and put into the police car he becomes a person who is deprived of liberty against his or her will )

  13. That whole area has been problems for us very long time

  14. Who owns the bus station New Jersey transit with the village Ridgewood. That place has became real dirty falling apart building. It’s filthy whose responsibility is it to keep it clean. The village manager needs to inspect this site. The mayor and the council and the manager need to visit the site real early in the morning and see how it smells.
    Thank you
    Miss f , qurawn

  15. Why is it so dark inside the station at night . And that area around that bus Depot is kind of dark too . The village needs to make that Bright so it’s safe

  16. 10.07, The whole village has poor lighting. Many streets are pitch dark as light poles are either non working or too far apart to make a difference. It really feels like there is no village manager in this town.

  17. The village manager mayor and council need to go to Huddson Street next to the Church and Hudson Street lot and around the park is very dark right now. The village needs to add lighting at those locations look for yourself. Does this village manager get out at night and look around at things so they know what is going on in the bizness section of the town. Fix it now.

  18. I’m at the bus st station right now It looks like Portauthority in the 70s

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