May 15,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed a bill Wednesday that allows New Jersey college students who are in the country illegally to obtain financial aid and pay instate rates for their college education.

Murphy called the United States the “world’s melting pot” where people come “in the hope of a new life,” when he signed the legislation at Rutgers-Newark, according to

Not a melting pot for everyone however, Governor Murphy’s bill to extend financial aid to illegal immigrants now makes New Jersey is one of the few states that discriminates against legal residents .

While legal immigrants are forced to pay out of state or international tuition rates , illegal immigrants pay instate tuition fees, treating legal immigrants as third class citizens .

For example at Rutgers University instate tuition is $11,619 while legal immigrants face a huge 116.19% gap paying out of state tuition of $27,560 . Gov. Phil Murphy is telling people crime pays .