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Michael Saudino Out as Bergen County Sheriff !

Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino


The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office announces that effective this date and at this time Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino (D)  has submitted his resignation as the Sheriff of Bergen County.
Additionally, Executive Undersheriff George Buono, Undersheriff Robert Colaneri, Undersheriff Brian Smith and Undersheriff Joseph Hornyak have also submitted their resignations effective immediately.
Pending the appointment of an interim sheriff by Governor Phil Murphy, Sheriff’s Office Chief Kevin Pell will be the officer-in-charge of the sheriff’s department’s operations and Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Warden Steve Ahrendt will be the officer-in-charge of the Bergen County jail’s operations.
There will be no further statements at this time.

6 thoughts on “Michael Saudino Out as Bergen County Sheriff !

  1. Good Riddance to Bad Trash.
    What comes around goes around.
    Never had any respect for him since he used the Republican Party to get elected then jumped ship like a rat when becoming a Democrat made re-election easier.

  2. And the NJ AG whom Saudino insulted, Gerber Grewal, gets to appoint Saudino’s replacement. How fitting.

  3. Saudino was nothing but an arrogant POS.

  4. The whole department is just a blood sucking Union debacle from the same ilk as the former sheriff.
    Classic NJ u ion scam run amok.

  5. I’m sure he’ll get a sweet payout, un-used sick days, life time health benefits, etc., etc….. He’s still pulling down $130,000 per year from Emerson. He won’t starve.

    James, can you post one of the pictures of him in his motorcycle tough guy outfit? I need another laugh.

  6. Watch what you say on the phone, boys and girls (especially those in high places). “I was just kidding–this doesn’t really describe my views” no longer cuts it! One of the few recent cases of a takedown from a phone call. I thought all gotchas these days were from email.

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