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the bogg bag

Bogg fan Lauren with two, yes TWO Turquoise and Caicos boggs that she bought at Pink Bungalow in Ridgewood! She says “Everyone needs a bogg, hello summer”!

the bogg bag

After years of buying beach bags that just couldn’t handle my beach-loving family’s needs we thought there must be a better bag. Our needs were simple…. A bag large enough to carry everything we needed for a long day at the beach or pool, a bag that wouldn’t tip over and spill our belongings all over the beach, and a bag that could be rinsed off at the end of the day. Not too much to ask for, right? After thousands of searches we couldn’t find what we were looking for.

In 2006, on a trip to the Jersey Shore, we realized we had forgotten the kids flip flops and went to the local surf shop to pick up a couple of pairs. My son came across a pair of those funny looking shoes that everyone was talking about and asked if he could get them instead. We bought 3 pairs. Later on the beach, I became fascinated with the lightweight material and feel of their new shoes. My husband and I played with the shoes all day talking about how cool they were. It was then we had our AHA! moment. THIS is what a beach bag should be made of!
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According to bogg bags Facebook page Pink Bungalow in Ridgewood! just received a HUGE shipment of bogg bags, byo boggs, bogg bits and bogg bling!!!

Pink Bungalow
(201) 444-2918
185 E Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Mon – Wed: 10:00 am   -6:00 pm
Thu:              10:00 am   -8:00 pm
Fri – Sat:      10:00 am   -6:00 pm

2 thoughts on “the bogg bag

  1. Is that Lauren P from Fair Lawn?
    Nice to see your smiling face, haven’t seen you since your Crew days at 770 in NYC.
    Hope all is well.

  2. I would like to purchase a large turquoise Boggs Bag but I keep missing them before they sell out. Do you have one in stock? Can I get on a waiting list for one? Thank you

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