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The Deadline for candidates to file nominating petitions for Ridgewood School Board is July 30th


July 9,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, New Jersey School Boards Association NOVEMBER ELECTIONS: IMPORTANT DATES 2018 School Board Candidacy & Election Dates

May 16
Term begins for newly appointed board members in Type I districts (those with appointed boards) other than cities of the first class (those with a population of more than 150,000).
July 30
4 p.m. is the deadline for candidates to file nominating petitions with the county clerk. Aug 13 Deadline for filing in Superior Court to Protect School Election Candidate’s Rights. Aug 3 Deadline for filing objections to Nomination Petitions for School Election Candidates with the county clerk. Sept 7 Last day for a candidate to withdraw from the election. A signed, written notice must be filed with the county clerk Aug 9 Deadline for Determination of Petition Challenge for School Election Candidates by the county clerk.
Aug 9
Last day to amend a defective petition. The candidate may amend the petition to remedy the defect at any time before the date, but generally may not add signatures. The candidate may add his or her own signature if necessary to provide verification of the signatures on the petition, but only if the petition already contains ten valid signatures.
Aug 13
Date for Drawing of Ballot Position for School Election Candidates by the County Clerk.
Nov 6
Annual School Election NOTE: Board members must undergo criminal history record checks through the New Jersey Department of Education within 30 days of election or appointment.
Jan 1-7
Newly elected board members are sworn in at annual board organizational meetings
Feb 1-7
Last day to file Personal-Relative and Financial Disclosure forms with the Executive County Superintendent and Board Secretary. For newly elected or newly appointed school board members, the deadline is 30 days after taking office

13 thoughts on “The Deadline for candidates to file nominating petitions for Ridgewood School Board is July 30th

  1. Please, someone who has the welfare of the Ridgewood residents in mind, run for election. We need someone who instead of concentrating on beautification of the windows, bathrooms, and other purely cosmetic needs will support real needs such as: varied lunchroom times so everyone has a seat, 3-D printers, things of educational value and not things that merely drive up the tax rate! I’m not qualified but I’ll happily support someone who is.

  2. Have you got your nominating petition filed yet loud mouth James Foytlin?

  3. ask Marty Brooks

  4. Yea just as I thought a loud mouth with no balls!.

  5. why don’t you run ?

  6. Tell you what, I will run against you if you run. Show us …….if you have a pair of balls.

  7. lol , the only big mouth coward is you

  8. PJ these creepy stalkers are a bunch of HOMO’s

  9. The only coward here is you James. I challenged you and what do you do……you ignore the challenge like a little bitch and call me a coward.

  10. PJ dont waste you time with tolls , a big mouth challenge from and anonymous poster very impressive lol

  11. sound like an X fire chief too me

  12. Ok, guys, school is over. You are too big to be calling each other childish bullying names. We desperately need responsible people to run. preferably people who either have children in our schools or ones whose children have graduated less than 20 years ago. We also need someone who can speak for the childless or whose kids have long ago graduated who can speak up for the huge number of us in that position. I am tired of hearing “What are you complaining about? This is Ridgewood. Nothing should become before our kids and their education.” There are many parents with children currently in, or approaching entrance, who also feel that the current board members use the above statement (which I have actually heard) to allow them to forget that not everyone in town is rolling in money.

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