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the fly has learned that two former council members have been romantically linked……..


…the fly has learned that two former council members have been romantically linked .  Its seems affairs of state have led to affairs of the heart. Sadly, the relationship appears to have led to the breakup of both marriages  . During business hours the couple would meet . The affair has driven one husband to flee the Village to a Jersey City condo and a wife to leave with the dogs . It’s been told that the husband laid a video trap and may have engaged a private detective to trail the couple , leaving both in sad state looking worse for the wear.

25 thoughts on “the fly has learned that two former council members have been romantically linked……..

  1. Too bad for the innocent spouses, but this could not have happened to 2 nicer people.

  2. I can guess but I’m not entirely sure….give me more of a clue…

  3. Who, please tell. I can’t stand not knowing. You can’t tease like that. I am Blue Balled. God, I hope I don’t get into trouble for what I just wrote in this politically correct climate. Well, I don’t have much to lose besides my social security.

  4. I pressed post before I wrote, anonymous.

  5. How former? how many years ago.

    I thought Aronsohn used to twinkle at Gwenn. But that doesn’t seem really possible. Gwenn going for Aronsohn.

    Gwenn and Pucc. Not possible either. He recently got married.

    Halaby and Gwenn. But Halaby wasn’t a council person. And Gwenn would vomit all over him , if he made a pass. Whoooooo?

    Who was that little fat guy again, who was a council person and then mayor a number of years ago. He moved away from Ridgewood. Not at all appealing for sex though.

    Not Pfund. Pfund is handsome. I think. a hunky guy. Not possible. He seems like a loyal family man. Seriously.

  6. _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

  7. Jane Reilly? with that little fat guy. ugh. Not even interesting.

    I give up.

  8. I just saw the sex tapes her husband secretly recorded and uploaded to,, and She’s really hot! Nice rack.

  9. I just looked on two of those sited and didn’t see anyone I recognized. How can I find it?

  10. I tried again and couldn’t find. How do you look it up?

  11. The most important question is whether any laws beside adultery were violated. They served on the Village Council together for 4 years. Was there any unlawful pillow talk? Did they conspire as a 2 person team to defraud taxpayers in any way? Our current local government administration should request a full investigation by the BCPO’s Office or the State AG’s office.

  12. I guess the other male of the 3 Amigos must be pretty pissed, unless he was tapping her too.

  13. My money is on gweeen

  14. Who is the “fat guy”?

  15. Will it stream on Netflix?

  16. Well the female party is rumored to be the one whose husband was posting lies on this blog awhile back.

  17. It’s Gwenn and Paul. This is old news. But begs the question of should the public have been informed of the personal relationship. I mean their votes would be the same right.

  18. don’t be Slut Shaming them…..

  19. It’s Gwen and Paul but that’s the least of the stories buzzing around. I just wish that they would take their shenanigans to another town far away from here.

  20. If they were hooking up at the time campaigning for the 2012 election was taking place, that fact should have been disclosed to Ridgewood’s voters. My bet is that Ms. X and Mr. Y would not have won in the 2012 election. I just can’t imagine voters would have knowingly elected 2 admitted adulterers to office. But then again, stranger things have happened around here.

  21. The videos are unbelievable. She’s porn star material.

  22. Homewreckers…!

    Paulie following the money….

  23. Aronsohn is Mr. Civility, remember. He was asking for “a new normal” in behavior.

    Gwenn, his assistant at the Civility meetings, praised the Civility group at council meetings, calling meetings a “meditation.”

  24. I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. This news has cheered me up tremendously. Perhaps our deputy mayor will join them in marital bliss after the divorces come through.

  25. He was called a hypocrite on the record at a village council meeting eons ago as he gazed down from the dais with his pouty little mouth supposedly indicating that he was listening. Little did we know. And we knew a lot.

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