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the Fly Hears More High Density Housing Targeting Ridgewood ……..

highdensity housing

the fly has heard from numerous resident that a person or entity is attempting to buy or did buy property on South Broad St with the alleged purpose of constructing senior housing. This resident wonders when this over density going will stop. Poster may comment that its for senior so whats the problem ?   That maybe true but construction like this still costs the taxpayers. (More police , fire , ems, sanitation personal) not to mention our failing water supply and the conditions of the roads and traffic.So one would ask the question. Why now?  You could  try to blame the 3 Amigos but they been gone for years and ordinances can be changed. What will this council do? When will the destruction of that neighborhood  stop? Rev Johnson must be rolling in his grave.  Remember that just because they build senior housing in Ridgewood doesn’t mean it is exclusively for Ridgewood Resident rather it would be open to county residents or maybe state residents. So don’t hold your breath hoping to sell your house and move in. 

15 thoughts on “the Fly Hears More High Density Housing Targeting Ridgewood ……..

  1. Can’t blame anyone but the current council…..

  2. Agree. The 3 Amigos have been gone for years. The current Council majority is mucking things up on their own; Garage, Schedler, BOE, Healthbarn, Rogue Village Staff, Pot Holes, mismanagement,”special” appointed committees, salivating over State positions etc.

    Compromise excuse = BS and What a disaster!!!

  3. Rome is burning trying to sell your house and get the hell out now because it’s going to get worse in two more years

  4. It’s starting to look like Hackensack .

  5. This is not a village – its a city

  6. People just wait another year or two. All the foot traffic, more car traffic, more dirt, litter, this is not for the better. Maybe tax revenue that’s about it. More headaches you will see.

  7. Yea take a look at age friendly ridgewood
    voigt and his pals hans sheila brogan and beth abott looks like a plan to add more housing all over ridgewood

  8. …and the schools stink too.

  9. 235 houses for sale in the village today. Wow boy oh boy. Get out while you can.

  10. I wonder whats in store for Rdgewood if Sedon wins his election for State Assembly. When will know what office the County Democratic Party will put Hache up for. Will it be a reward for selling our dispatch center to Bergen County. Do a little research to find out all the players.

  11. love mike but chances are slim

  12. I love Mike to as a person but I think Politics has gone to his head.

  13. Mikey

  14. Yep, this council has done nothing to stop and has instead promoted multi-family housing and over-building. It had the chance to side with Villagers against the current projects, and chose instead to fight them vigorously.

    This council does nothing to try and join efforts to stop the overbuilding crisis facing NJ and instead fawns on developers.

    And that’s all ok, they should just be open and honest about the fact their agenda is pro-multi family development and not pro-preservation. Wait and watch for one of them to start suggesting we should re-zone to allow our existing houses to be turned into two to four family apartment buildings.

  15. The Previous council was who signed the coming huge changes into law shortly before they left. Hundreds of people objected but they didn’t care – they had the authority to do it and they did it. It was Not this Council. It was already set in stone when the new people took office. The whole subject is worthy of discussion but the correct facts should be out there. It should be noted that This council at least salvaged the ability to have at least some special needs housing. The last council who pretended to care about that issue signed away those possibilities – willingly!.

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