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the fly looks for a happy ending …


.. the fly has learned that that merchants in the CBD seldom show for a council meeting unless it involves the garage or a wall and whispers are heard of spas offering happy endings , while others sleep with dogs and live in a non residential commercial space …

10 thoughts on “the fly looks for a happy ending …

  1. Please tell me the whole story. I promise I’ll be good.

  2. Paul Vagianos came to council meeting to tell about his using paper straws at his restaurant instead of plastic. Vagianos the iconic straw man , who pretends to care about the community, but only cares about the bottom line. That is his contribution to the 11 million dollar garage, paper straws. If you really want to be good, Paul, don’t serve meat. Raising cattle for food destroys the environment; takes down trees , especially rain forest tress, uses tremendous amounts of fresh water; causes methane, greenhouse , gases. The council will never get truly environmental. They are asshole trendy. AFTER the oceans are destroyed; they want to ban plastic bags. But when I moved here in 1978 and told them about dangers of plastic bags and importance of composting, they laughed at me. Not same council people obviously, but same sort of arrogant, know-it-all, ignorant idiots. The kind who will take down most of Schedler trees , ignore the environmental impact and call themselves heroes. Tress in a woods or forest are essential for life of people. AND those trees in masses are becoming extinct.

  3. AOC posts on the RidgewoodBlog. Who knew?

  4. Sleep with dogs?

  5. So very true. This town is doomed. They lost all my experience.

  6. Ridgewood’s downward slide is picking up speed…

  7. Roads Are Month old Souvlaki ..beyond negligence

    town and county are both responsible.. car’s suspension
    tires and frames are being wrecked every hour ..

  8. I hit a hole on he Midland Ave overpass (Paramus) thesize of a bucket. Flat tire. I called Paramus PD and they said that they were aware of the hole.

    Well then why not put a cone in the hole until it can be patched…?

    A similar cone exists on Amsterdam (near Jemco) and Van Dien. It has been there for 6 weeks.

  9. Potholes Are the measurement of apathy by town management . No excuses

  10. The Sanitation Crew on garbage and recycling are one of the very few town teams hustling every day.

    so many of the other village depts outside of the fire department are sitting around in 90,000 trucks ,SUVs
    on cell phones..unless trees are falling down or it’s snowing like hell ,there is very little hustle to any of these
    expensive departments.Thats the Truth here in RIDGEWOOD.

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